Friday, November 13, 2009

Blushing Red.....

Most people would have known that I just came back from a trip in Hong Kong by now and not the mention the LOADS of purchases that board the plane with me!! I thought of putting everything out and taking a picture to share the love but the amount to sort through was just mind-boggling. I gave up after a few feeble attempts... But I did try to go through it. :o)
Rather than give up - I decided to put up the purchases and review them through bit by bit. To start off, let's do Blush!!
Maybelline Mousse Blush - Berry Delight
This was a really nice surprise. I walked into Watsons and looked at the price for this blush. An amazing ~6SGD!! I thought to myself I could definitely do with another Blush, especially one going at 6SGD.... And I must say I really like how the colour upon applicaiton. It gave a healthy flush of colour that looks like I had 8 hours of sleep the night before and is just raring to go and bull-doze through the day... I am still using this on a regular basis even after my trip. It's easy to apply - You can hardly do a bad job with this and the colour flatters.

Nars - Exhibit A Blush
I think the above blush needs no major introduction. This has been one of the most coveted colours by Nars in my opinions and when I saw the Nars counter in Hong Kong, I knew this has to be the colour that I wanted to have!! Pretty expensive for a blush especially considering how little product you get, but it's Nars!! Super pigmented and gave such a radiant flush to your face; No wonder girls go gaga over this cause I definitely am so-in-love with this blush!!
Ok, 2 products down and lots more to go.... Let me go back to sorting and posting now... Hehe....

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