Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Haul: Opi, Bath & Body Works, Korean Polishes

Hi all! This is the promised blog post on some of the latest haul that I have done from US for OPI and Bath & Body Works.
First up, group shot of my OPI haul:
Left: OPI Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Replenishing Oil, OPI Rapid Dry Spray

OPI Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Oil

Heard and read alot of rave reviews on the Avoplex cuticle oil which is why I wanted to include this in my haul. And of course, I have experienced the goodness of cuticle oil on my nails as per mentioned in my previous post - so I definitely don't mind having more in my stash. But of course, that means it's going to be some time before i need to buy more. :o)

OPI Rapid Dry Spray
Well, I think this is actually pretty self explanatory - just something for lazy bones like me that can't deal with waiting for a manicure to dry. I have tried the offerings from Sally Hansen and thought I should try the OPI ones as well.

Bath & Body Works:

Yup, I got 7 more bottles of body lotion from Bath & Body Works even before I got round to working on the previous group of B&B lotions. Gosh!! I really hope I will be able to get round to most of it before it decides to turn rancid on me. That's the biggest worry that I have when I haul like no tomorrow. And the scent that I got from this haul are:
  1. Dancing Waters
  2. Blushing Cherry Blossom
  3. Japanese Cheery Blossom
  4. Enchanted Orchid
  5. Moonlight Path
  6. Sweet Pea
  7. Rain-kissed Leaves

I think my favourite scent from this group has to be either Rain-kissed Leaves or Blushing Cherry Blossom. I shan't try to describe the scent to you cause I'm just horrible at that. But from previous experience, I'm pretty spot on in terms of whether I like certain scent anot. So I'm really happy with my purchase!

And yes, more polishes!!! I got so much of these polishes that I feel that I should not go into the details anymore cause it will just bore most of you guys to death. So I shall just leave you to enjoy the picture above. :o)
Work has been kind recently and I hope I can keep up with frequent updating of this blog and share more of my loves with you guys. Thanks for reading and have a great evening!

Monday, September 20, 2010

FOTD: Falsies + Gosh Darling

Hi all! Hope you guys had a beautiful Monday though it rarely works out that way for most of us. ;o)
I went out on a casual Sunday night dinner with a close friend and decided to just go easy on the makeup with only some falsies minus all the usual suspects for eye-shadows. I wanted to wear the following newly acquired pair as I have only ever tried the falsies from TFS and decided that it's high time for me to venture away from that brand in order to be more adventurous!!
This is how I normally like my falsies to be - nothing too dramatic and just adding some length/ volume to my own lashes. I bought this for SDG2.50 from a cart selling assorted beauty stuff at the Tao Payoh Bus Interchange.

The flash from the camera can appear a little too harsh on the face. This is me again in a warmer lighting:

I cant really remember what I had on for the rest of my face but like my post title, I was definitely wearing some Gosh Darling on my lips. I know it probably don't look similar to the gazillion swatches of this you saw online - but I find Gosh Darling too strong for me even though I adore the colour. I had to dab it on my lips and smear it out in order to not look dead.
That's all the update I have for tonight and thanks for dropping by. :o) Good night.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nail Bits: Essential Nail Care

Hi all! Hope everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon just like me!

Just like most girls who are into nail polishes, I paint them on a very regular basis and I have a slight inclination towards the darker colours. The effects of the nail polishes on me resulted in very dry, weak nails that kept peeling/ breaking and staining due to the dark colours. That was probably how my nail condition was 1 year ago - since then, I made sure I took care of my nails even when I kept up my manicure habits. And this is how it looks right now:

I'm proud to report that 1 year into proper care of my nails, they are strong and healthy looking right now. The shot above is how my nails look like right after removing my polish. Sure, they may not be the best looking nails around, but if you've seen how it was back then, you would have understand why this is such a proud moment for me. :o)

So, I really just wanted to share how I take care of my nails on a regular basis:

Cuticle Oil:

I always moisturize my nails with cuticle oils before I re-apply any polish. I normally apply it onto my nails and massage it into both the cuticles and the nail bed. Leave it on till it's fully absorb before the polish goes on. I find that this really strengthens my nails and moisturizes it even though it's meant for the cuticles. And because of this, I recently have acquired some cuticle oils from US which I will feature in my upcoming haul posts! :o)

Base Coat:

I think no polish addict will ignore the importance of a good base coat. They not only help your polish to go on smoother but more importantly, they protect your nails from the damaging effects of the polish and prevent any staining! I love the base coats from OPI and Sally Hansen alot and think they really deliver.

If you're a regular follower of this blog, you probably would realize that I have a strong preference for The Face Shop for alot of my products. But, base for the the nails is definitely NOT one of those love. I was using OPI/ Sally Hansen on my nails and TFS on my toe nails. I have serious staining on my toe nails and none on my finger-nails. So, if you want to scrimp on something, it's not going to be the base coat!!

That's basically what I do to care for my nails before the polish is slapped on. Thanks for reading and I hope what I've shared is useful for some. Have a great Sunday! :o)


Friday, September 17, 2010

Nail Bits: Korean Polish Haul

Hi all! While most people getting excited over the various branded polishes (Opi, Chanel, Mac, etc), I continue to be dazzled by the Korean polishes being brought in by a shop retailing from a cart in Northpoint. I have featured them before on my blog but I got more recently:
Left to right: No 17, No 23, No 42

No 17:

No 23:

No 42:

And I have more!!!!

Top to bottom: No 41, No 49, No 94

No 41:

No 49:

No 94:

And a snapshot of all that I have bought from this lovely little store so far:

And that pretty much concludes another of my recent haul updates! Hope you guys are having a good Friday and have a good weekend up ahead. :o)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Accessories Haul - Diva + Love Accessories

Hihi!! I've been very slow in updating pictures of my haul lately - so I have a couple more haul updates after this particular blog post. :o)
This post is centric on the collective accessories haul which I have done over the past month at Diva and Love Accessories respectively.
Brown Multi-stone Stud Pack - SGD17

Black Oval Studded Ring - SGD17

Love Accessories - Northpoint:
Gold Hoop Earrings - SGD26

Metallic Cross Necklace - SGD36

If you think that I am showcasing the metallic cross necklace like there's no tomorrow, that's only because this is almost a rip-off of the one that Andy Torres of Style Scrapbook wears!! *Cue pictures of the gorgeous Andy!!*

See that lovely metallic cross necklace underneath her Balmain jacket?? She is my favourite fashion guru within the blogsphere and I absolutely adore her sense of style. If you're keen to check out more of her, pls find the blog address here:
You would LOVE her!!
And with that being said, thanks for reading and have a good night! :o)

Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm in the lipstick phase - Mac Frenzy

Hi all! I survived the Monday and it's been a great one! I think I'm in the lipstick phase for my shopping since this is the second lipstick I'm getting in such a short time frame!!
Featuring Mac Frenzy (Frost Finish):

I never thought I could wear such a colour but like what a girlfriend has said: "Never try, never know!". So now I know and I'm really hoping to wear this out to work soon and probably feature it in a FOTD update. Night to all and thanks for reading!! :o)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

FOTD - Everyday Minerals Semi-Matte Foundation & Stila Palette

Hi all!! It's the end to a lovely weekend before we know it again. Went out to get some errands done and this is the makeup that I had on:

And what I used on my face:

Face: EVM Semi-Matte Foundation in Medium Beige Neutral, EVM Finishing Dust
Eyes: Stila Palette - Mod Look 1, Majorlica Majorca Neo Automatic Liner, Max Factor False Lash Effect
Blush: Stila Palette - Mod Look 1
Lips: Mac Creme De Nude, Kate lip gloss - RD1

This is pretty much what I would wear on a daily basis but maybe I went a little stronger on the eyes. A girlfriend of mine commented lately that I'm super light handed on my makeup and normally nothing is left on my face by the end of the day. I am trying to experiment on the right amount to slap on my face and hopefully I'll be able to master it soon.
Anyhow, hope you all had a good weekend too and thanks for reading. :o)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Review - Bath & body Works Body Cream Vs Victoria's Secrets Hydrating Body Cream

Hihi! Hope everyone survived the dreaded Monday blues well and are still thriving for more! :o)
If you follow my blog, you would have probably realized that I'm an avid fan of body creams and lotion. And review for the day - Bath & Body Works Vs Victoria's Secrets!! Body creams are really personal and subjective to individual's preferences, so do note that my comments are entirely based on what I like.

Both reign from USA and are either hard to locate in Singapore or they are being sold at crazy prices when you do spot them in Singapore!!
Bath & Body Works

The variety of the scent that's available at B&B is mind-boggling to say the least! And on top of that, you can actually get each bottle/tube of lotion for as low as USD3 during of of their online promotions!! This was exactly what I did some time back and ordered a whopping 9 bottles of lotion from their website. Nope, I have not finished any of the B&B lotions that I hauled previously... But seriously, when has that ever stopped me from getting anything that I want??!? :o)
And onto the pros and cons of the lotion:
  • Easy to work into the skin
  • Light scent - good for the night cause I don't want to be overwhelmed by the smell that it actually bothers me
  • Wide variety of different fragrances - you will DEFINITELY find something that you like - finding it is the problem cause there's just so many to go through!
  • Different texture of cream to choose from - lotion (lighter on the skin) Vs cream (heavier and more moisturizing)

  • Scent does not last on the skin
  • Only available online for SGP

Victoria's Secrets:

Shopping in the Victoria's Secrets store in San Francisco itself was such an indulgence for me! I was so over-whelmed by the fact that I was in the actual VS store shopping and not doing the online 'click and checkout' thing that everything just seem like a fairytale!! :o) Awwww......
And like everything else in USA, the selection is just over-whelming!! I took ages to decide on what I want!
  • Very moisturizing on the skin - this lotion really does work and just transforms your skin into this silky smooth veil
  • Lasting scent - the smell of VS creams actually last longer than the B&B counterparts
  • Over-whelming selection of different scent to choose from - just like how B&B is
  • Varied texture of cream/lotion to suit different needs as well

  • Stronger fragrance - this is really personal, might be a pro for some who loves stronger smell
  • More expensive than B&B - this is going at 5 bottles for USD30 (USD6 per bottle)
  • Only online shopping for SGP or SGD19 per bottle (you bet, I have seen it going at SGD19 for a bottle of VS body lotion!)

My haul from B&B is already on it's way to Singapore as I'm typing right now. I hope that I'll be able to share my purchases with you really soon. But in the meantime, sleep tight and thanks for reading! :o)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Gaga Haul

Hi all!! It was my lucky day on Friday when the MUA at Raffles City Mac found 4 remaining Gaga lipstick stashed at the bottom of their drawer when I was just trying my luck - it's sold out everywhere by now! Yes, I know I'm late on the bandwagon but I was really just trying to hold back looking at the HUGE amount of products I have to go through. Anyway, here's the pics:

And the swatch of the lipstick:

Actually I'm not really sure whether I would be able to carry off this cool-tone pink with my everyday look - I tend to be quite light-handed in my everyday makeup since I work in a more conservative environment. But there are some changes going on with regards to my job scope and hopefully, I would be able to be a little bit more adventurous on my makeup after that change is finalized. Wish me luck and thanks for reading! :o)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Stila Palette Collection

Hihi! I'm a closet fan of Stila makeup - closet because no one seems to share the same love that i have towards their collection and no one even seem to care about what I think about them. But this is my blog and all I want to do now is to dedicate an entry to my Stila palette collection. A view of all that I have till date:


Double Duty Beauty Palettes:

Double Duty Beauty Palettes - Day to Night Plum Palette

Double Duty Beauty Palettes - Day to Night Gray Palette


Jade Blossom Look:


Stila Warm/Cool Palettes:

Warm Palette:

Cool Palette:


The Look Collection:

Cool... the Look

Feminine..... the Look

Pretty....... the Look

Chic.... the Look


Mod Look Palettes

Mod Look 1

Mod Look 2


Italian Ices Palette:

Italian Ices..... Uno

Italian Ices..... Tre

Italian Ices..... Due


Random Palette:

Four Pan Compact - Sage Set:


Re-orient Bamboo Blossom:

Yup, a super picture heavy post that I have here! I have been falling back in love with some of the Stila palettes while I was sorting through them for this blog post and I really hope to do some FOTDs soon with these. Hope you girls have been having a great week and thanks for reading..... :o)