Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gold-fish Kiss Kiss.....

Hi all! The title chosen for this entry was entirely inspired by a group of girls that are currently on a quest of that sexy pout which makes every men feel like they could sink their lips on for a kiss!! Haha...
Anyhow, I had the opportunity of ordering some items from Victoria Secrets as a friend is currently working in the States. I ordered a couple of clothings and decided to throw in some makeup as well since they're having a sale right now. I'll doing a seperate feature on the clothes and will focus this entry on the makeup items.

I threw in my moolah for a VS Perfect lipstick in Whisper and a lipgloss in Embrace.
First impressions were that the packaging is really chic and sleek, not to mention really sexy as well.

And I really like the colours that I picked out as well. The lipstick is of this coral-pinkish hue that is reminiscent of the Orgasm blush:

I do not have how these 2 lip products wear on me even though I had already tried them on. This is because without a full face of makeup, it really does not bring out how gorgeous they are!! So I'm really looking forward to wearing these out complete with my latest obsessions - the falsies!! I think they would look fabulous together!!
On a totally different note, I was reading through an entry by TheBlondeSalad and she actually put up a list of things that she would like to do for the summer. This spoke to me as I think I have not had little fun things which I wanted to do for a long time. Does not have to be major, just small and fun frivolous stuff. So here's my list:
  1. Spend a day bumming around at the beach
  2. Go for Sunday brunch with friends
  3. Enjoy Ben & Jerry's ice cream at Dempsy on a nice Saturday afternoon
  4. Take pictures at the Botanic Gardens
  5. Go for a concert
  6. Bring my dog out for nice long walks at least twice a week
  7. Read a book
  8. Bake brownies
  9. Take the Singapore Flyer
  10. Have sufficient sleep!!

Yup, that's what I have on my list. Totally, small but enjoyable stuff which I would like to do before September. That's 3 months from now and should give me enough time to run through the list. :o)
Do you have anything fun that you wish to do but have never got round to it yet?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Be Jewelled!!

Good day to everyone! I'm totally exhausted from the week and I think this is going to be a slow and easy Saturday for me just to wind down. And I finally got round to taking some pictures from the recent accumulative haul on accessories. :o)
I got the following 2 accessories during the Warehouse sale - the chunky gold bracelet and the cubic zirconia crystal earrings.

I have always had a preference to chunky jewellery and this just falls right up my alley! Chunky, yet really easy to style cause it's of this tarnished gold colour that doesn't really clash with any other colours. And the zirconia earrings is just something I know would be a staple in my collection:
Simple, classic and timeless!!
And for the rest of the earrings featured, I bought all of them from the same accessories store in Northpoint over a couple of months:
I love how the crystals sparkle in the sunlight coupled with the timeless designs.
Gorgeous earrings for an evening out on a fine dining date and the close-up of the crystals is even more breathe-taking!
Don't you love how it sparkles under the sun? And the next pair would look fabulous with some classy dresses or pants:
Next up, something funky and chunky! I actually wore this pair of earrings during an earlier post featured within the blog on the plus-size girls paegent, but unfortunately, the indoor lighting really didn't bring any justice to the beauty of this pair!
And, something girly and casual that would fit most of the weekend wardrobe that I have.
All of the earrings from the little store in Northpoint are imported from Korea and I would be honest to say that they're not exactly cheap. The price can range from SGD18.90 - SGD42.90 for a pair depending on the design. But these earrings are really gorgeous in their designs and would work to jazz up any outfits. Hence, if you factor in the quality and the style factor then price would be a secondary consideration.
Anyhow, it's still definitely worth making a trip down to suss out the offerings and decide for yourself. Have a great Saturday ahead ladies!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Project 10 Pan - Update (7/10)

Hi all! Just a quick post before I crash for the night.
I started the Project 10 Pan sometime back in a bid to try and finish up stuff in my collection prior to buying more. Yes, I got distracted and digressed halfway through it due to immense work stress, so my only offer to this is that I did finish up some more stuff since I last updated.

Items hit pan:
  1. Ginvera Nutri-white Marvel Gel
  2. Marks & Spencer Lavender Hand and Nail Cream
  3. Vichy Laboratories Norma Derm Night
  4. Franck Oliver Sun Java (Eau De Parfum)

Normally, it seems like the faster something hits pan, the higher should be my rating. But sadly in this case of mine, all the products featured are not a re-purchase for me. I tend to save products that I like for special occasion and in turn I take longer to use them up. Hopefully, when I get through these products which don't get much love from me out of the way, I will be finally free to use whatever I love. :o)
I still have 3 more items to go before I call it quits for P10P. But the current buying habits of mine has slowly changed from impulse buying to purchases made for it's quality. So, going forward, I have the intention of slowly morphing this into a fashion and lifestyle blog rather than solely makeup focused. Still thinking through what I would like to do for my blog but just some initial thoughts on some potential plans.
Stay tune and keep watching this space. Thanks for reading. Night!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

As Coco said......

As Coco Chanel once famously said, a woman should be 2 things - classy & fabulous... and may I add regardless of size as well!!
I attended the fashion show put together by the girls participating in the plus-size girls pageant titled ''Miss Amazing'' at Far East Plaza. I was there solely to support my cousin who is one of the finalist in the pageant as well as to hone my photography skills. I should have loads of pictures to show here but I really need more practice for indoors photo shooting so here whatever left that's good:
My cousin striking her killer pose for me.
The girls strutting their stuff right out there on stage!!
Group shot of all the ladies in the pageant.
And while the girls were stressing out back-stage, I was goofing around with my nephews!! Haha!
A better look at my makeup I had on.
This is why I said my photographing skills are horrible. I can't even get a good representation of what colours I had on my face that day itself!
My Heatwave transparent platform heels
I am so loving this pair of heels right now because it is such a no-brainer! I can toss anything on, slip on this pair of heels and I am ready to head out.
A group shot!
And last but not least, a group shot that happens to be the ONLY picture that showed my entire outfit I had on for that day itself. Brilliant aren't I? Supposed to be the part-time photographer for the event but I chose to turn up on a mini skirt coupled with heels to run around.
Well, function Vs style is not always an easy choice is it?? :o)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

NOTD - Gold Glitters Galore

Hi all! This is the second time I'm typing out this entry cause the first one encountered some error and just went MIA in the mysterious blogsphere!!
I meant to feature my NOTD of a french manicure with some gold glitters in place of the traditional white polish. I really love the concept of using glitters as a french manicure because it's MUCH easier to handle than the white opaque polish, where every mistake is magnified. In addition, this just look so classy and chic!

I bought the Yashali polish for SGD5 from a push cart in North-point en-route home one evening after work. The purchase was made on a whim since I was bored and I just wanted to buy something for myself to brighten up the night. And boy, was I surprised at the consistency of the polish as well as the density of the glitters.

Just look at how densely packed the glitters are in the bottle! This one bottle consist of both small gold glitters as well as larger flakes of holographic glitters as well. Wow! It reminds me of the Canmake glitter polish but at a fraction of it's price......

And as all good nail polish ho do, the story definitely does not end here. Yes, I went back and got myself more!! Haha!!

Top - Bottom: No 32, No 5, No 10

The polishes do not come with names but rather numbers. And for 3 bottles, you get a promotional price of SGD12 instead of SGD15. So that comes up to SGD 4 per bottle and it's definitely a steal. Besides, the cart offers a good variety of nail art supplies as well. Too clumsy to do nail art on yourself? No worries - the SA of this cart are wonderful!! They will teach each and every customer how to create nail art with the merchandise that they have picked out so it definitely will not go to waste. Now, this is what I call good sales service!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Finally.... Back into Action!!

Hi all! It's been some time since I last appear in the blogsphere. Time to make a comeback and I'm going to do that with a bang! :o)

I bought jewellery during my absence. Of course, you won't expect me to be lying low and not spending on anything do you??


'LOV' Gold Earrings


Delicate Gold Bow Necklace

And this is how both of the above pieces wear on me:

I love how the 2 pieces compliment each other on the contrast between the delicate necklace Vs the chunky earrings. Due to the long lapse before I post this entry up, I can only remember the earrings to be priced at SGD22 from an accessories shop in Northpoint. I love the earrings from this shop and have been really loading up on it lately.... Hope to feature more of those in the upcoming posts..... Stay tune!!

On a random note, I was walking around the Bugis area after dinner and chaced upon Haji Lane. I have only shopped there once in the afternoon but I'm really captivated by how laid back the whole place is late at night. This is a picture taken at the start of the lane:

And on a totally different note - I reached home and started net surfing when I chanced upon this entry by a friend on her love profession for...... Mac Donalds Mc-Wings!!

*Did a double flip-over!!* Hahaha!!

What more can I say to her besides please give thanks to God for the abnormal metabolic rate that she possess... :o)

Hope you girls have been having a great week till now and have a good night!!

Sleep tight!