Monday, July 26, 2010

Me, Myself and Falsies!!

Hi all! It's almost time for bed and I bet it's going to be a good night rest with the rain drizzling down outside. I'm just wondering if I could actually wake up on time tomorrow to wear some falsies to work. And that's only because I did a huge falsies haul a while back.
I seem to be an ambassador for The Faceshop already with all the money that I have spent by now, so I might as well just start with what I have gotten from TFS during the recent store-wide 20% discount:

And some random pairs from Sasa:

Finally the famous Ardell lashes in #120:

I should really make an effort to wake up earlier to wear the falsies that I have purchased and feature them in a LOTD. Wish me luck! Night to all....

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rounding up P10P

Good morning to all on a lovely Sunday morning!!
I can finally round up my first go at Project 10 Pan after months of dragging myself through it.
Last few products that made up this round of project are:
The Faceshop Flebeaute Collagenic Light Skin
I think the only product that I really have no idea how to do a review on would be a toner. It completely loses me right after the part where I comment on it's smell and whether it contains any alcohol - I really have no idea what to say after that!! How do you judge whether a toner is performing just OK, good or excellent?
Is it just me to have this insane need to categorize every product into it's respective performance rank?
But having said that, this is a toner with some added fragrance into it. So if you are into the all-natural and no preservatives kind of products to be used on your face then this is probably not the one for you. And on top of that, this definitely does not come cheap - I remember it's in the range of more than SGD40 and for a toner, I think that's a pretty big sum for money for fork out.
Bath & Body Works Pleasures Wild Honeysuckle Body Cream
Yup, another B&B product!! I'm working my way through these babies like no tomorrow. It's a good thing that I have 9 completely new bottles stowed in my wardrobe somewhere and a few more on it's way to Singapore from USA. I think it's such a blessing for me to have a friend in the States - I have access to all the sales anytime it happen. Shameful I know! The amount of stuff I have bought even before P10P ended! The latest batch of B&B creams on it's way to me only cost USD 3 during a sale. I really do feel very lucky for this.
Bio Essence Bust Firming Boosting Cream
Ok, this is not exactly a skin care product I guess. But this has been something that I started using probably at the beginning of this year since my exposure to saggy boobs from watching True Blood. Haha! Have absolutely no wish to be there anytime soon - So if there are products that can help me from not getting there any sooner, I'm there!
Having said that, this bust firming cream does work! This is a product that I will probably re-purchase in the future. But in the meantime, I''m trying out a similar product from Palmer's which has pretty good reviews online and at half the price of the Bio Essence one. If the Palmer's bust firming cream works, then I'm probably jumping ship but if not, Bio Essence is good enough for me now.
Hope you are having an eventful Sunday planned ahead of you! Have a good one! :o)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

OOTD - Ms Amazing Beauty Pageant

Hihi!! Nice rainy weather we have in Singapore over the weekend. :o)
I was at the Ms Amazing Beauty pageant last evening to support my cousin who was a finalist in the competition at DBS Auditorium.

Outfit: Black tube dress from H&M, Grey blazer from Lver, Heels from Aria Giovanni, Teddy Bear ring from random shop in AMK Hub, Black leather fringe bag from Hong Kong.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lazy Lazy Me!!

Well, from the title I would think that it's obvious I'm the one who has been lazy and not keeping up my side of the bargain.

I was just doing some spring cleaning of all the photos that I have taken for my blog over the months and I chanced upon this that I took on my makeup haul in HK last year! Haha.

Can you believe that this picture is already about 8 months old and I have still yet to post anything on it??

Actually now looking back at the makeup that I have purchased in HK, I think the only items that I have truly used are only the Lancome lipstick in the fore-ground and the Max Factor mascara which I absolutely adore to death right now. The rest of the products are not getting alot of love from me right now, not because they are not good for me but just because I really do have alot to get round before I can get to them.

Guess keeping a beauty and style blog does have it's own advantages!! I get to be constantly reminded of all the items that I have within my stash and also new ways to use them to keep my makeup current and fresh.

So have you done your own little spring cleaning of your makeup stash?? :o)

A Beary Good Time

Hi all! Just wanted to share a totally frivolous purchase I made when I went out for dinner yesterday to celebrate my Mum's birthday.

Yes, it's the beary ring as per above. Supposed to be made out of Rose Gold and plated with Rhodium and so I should not have the colour fading off me anytime soon. But then again, that's according to the Sales Assistant who is trying to push the last remaining ring to me. We shall see how it fare with extended duration of wear. :o)

And here is a picture of how it looks on my fingers. The limbs of the bear are movable, so it looks super cute when you are going about your daily work. I hope to take a LOTD picture soon with this ring, and probably paired along with the dainty gold bow necklace coupled with the gold earrings. Lets see how I can get that out cause I always manage to forget to tote my camera along for such pictures. Haha....

But anyhow, have a good night and thanks for reading whatever rambles that I have been posting.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Going Back to the Basics....


I'm someone who change my nail colour pretty often. At the initial phase of the obsession with trying out different colours, my nails got so badly beaten up by the strong chemicals that it started peeling. *Shock Horror!* Since then, a deliberate effort on nail care has been made to ensure that I don't go through the same trauma again.

I'm hoping to keep this entry light and breezy - so I won't be going into details on how each of the product has performed so far but rather a overview on what I have tried and currently using to keep the nails going strong.

First up, the nail and cuticle moisturizing essentials:

TFS Nail Pleasure Nail & Cuticle Oil

TFS Rich Hand Sweet Almond Oil Cuticle & Nail Balm

Gena Cuticle Oil with Grape Seed

Sally Hansen Nail Quencher

Besides using a good moisturizer, it is also equally important that a good base coat is being used. A good base coat would prevent staining of the nails when using dark colours and it also works as a barrier between your nails and the strong chemicals used in the nail polish, especially in some of the lower quality ones. So if you have to splurge, this would be the item to spend on!! :o)

OPI Start to Finish Base and Top Coat, Sally Hansen Complete Care Extra Moisturizing 4-in-1 Treatment

I have been discovering alot of hidden gems within my current stash and I think I should do a post soon on all my re-discovered loves. But in the meantime, sleep tight everyone. Thanks for reading. :o)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I'm in the Shoe Phase Now.......

Hihi!! Most people go through different phases in their lives and I'm no exception, but my current shopping phase has transit from makeup to fashion items and particularly shoes.
This is a collective haul of shoes from various brands and the obsession right now is with killer heels. So dig in and enjoy those towering heights these have to offer:
These shoes are mainly from budget brands like Heatwave and DMK. I can't remember how much I paid for each of these pairs cause the purchase was made some time back, but I can vaguely remember that it's in the SGD30 range.

Both the nude kitten heels and the see-through platform heels are functioning as my daily work shoes as I can pretty much throw anything on, slip on these babies and be ready for work. I know we should plan our dressing the night before to avoid such kind of situations but real-life situations are not always this ideal. And there will be times when all you want to do is to crash on your bed the moment you are home.... and the next moment is when the alarm goes off!! So having shoes like these will really help to cushion the staggering rate of brain cells death I;m experiencing on a daily basis. :o)
Moving onto the medium range brands:

These shoes are mainly from Aldo and Pedro which are fast becoming my favourites for shoes!! The Pedro pair of heels cost me SGD83 because it uses leather as it's key material. The other 2 pairs from Aldo both cost SGD155. I don't normally spend so much on shoes but somehow these just took my breathe away the moment I tried it on. So hard as it was to part with my hard earned money, I still went for it.

I'm not sure what spurred on the current obsession with fashion and shoes but I strongly suspect that this is the aftermath of watching Sex and the City 2. It made me feel like any pair of shoes will transform a blah outfit to something in the range of FABULOUS and no women should do without the likes Manolo Blahniks or Christian Louboutin. Yes, we need a fat paycheck like those ladies in SATC to live like them.... But it's nice to just fantasize a little and imagine just what if I could live like them.... :o)
Have a great work week ahead and stay out of trouble with your bosses!! :o)

NOTD - TFS PP409 & TFS Haul

Hi all! It's been a super lazy weekend with just food, sleep, manicures and some reading for me. Throw in the nice cooling weather and I'm a happy woman all over!! :o)
Yes, it's the weekend... So it's time to have some fun and go for some loud shades on my nails -

I'm wearing polish from the original range by TFS in PP409. I really hope they come up with some names for their different ranges of polishes now that they have 4 different kinds such that it's easier for me to describe them in my blog posts moving forward! But anyhow, the picture is pretty true to life and the colour is this loud pearlescent purple with lots of blue undertones which turns into an opaque wash of colour upon 2 coats.

Now, I know alot of people have problems with nail polishes from TFS because some of them can apply sheer and streaky, not to mention the problem they have with chipping. But at SGD2.90 per bottle, I can really afford to splash out on some funky colours which I know I would not be wearing them on normal days out. Yes, they are definitely not of OPI's or even Revlon's polishes quality... But with the low cost and the mind-boggling amount of colours to choose from, I would still recommend them as  the value for money polishes when you want some weird splash of colours on your fingers. :o)

And with that, I bought a few more bottles of polishes from TFS making full use of my birthday discounts:

Top - Bottom: FACE&it PK101, OR201, OR204

I bought more from their FACE&it collection and this time it's the pastel shades from their range. Upon second look, this range really does seem to offer some gorgeous shades. And last I checked, I really do not have such peachy coral shades within my collection for some reason..... So at SGD7.90 before the 20%+10% discount, I decided to just got for it!! :o)

TFS Polish in OR201
I hope I am able to justify why the above bottle of polish landed up in my shopping basket, but I can't. It's a simply 'I feel like buying this colour and there it goes into my basket' kind of feeling. I have tried to apply it on my toes, and it is going on kind of sheer and streaky right now. I should be able to find some way to make it work. But right now, I'm not in that kind of mood and so I'm moving onto some other colours for my toes.

And last but not least, the Glamax mascara in Dazzling Pearl:

I love how the glitter mascara lights up the whole eye and makes it seem like there's little tiny drops of water crystals on the lashes and so I splashed out on the glitter mascara from TFS! I have not gotten round to wearing this on my lashes so I'm not sure whether the same effect could be achieved with this mascara but I'm sure going to find out. Watch this space for some reports on how the latest hauls have been performing. :o)

Have a great Sunday ahead and thanks for reading!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

And Accidentally I Got More......

Hihi! So I was walking around aimlessly in the mall and I chanced upon some new offerings from The Faceshop and I ended up with some new purchases.

And there you have it - Some polishes from 2 new range that TFS has recently launched coupled with a lipstick as well as the Extreme Brush Pen Eyeliner which I'm purchasing as a backup. Now, before you start to chastise me about the random purchase, do note that July is my birthday month. So on top of the current 20% discount storewide, I get an additional 10% as a member of TFS. That actually comes up to quite a significant amount of savings.... :o)

Top - Bottom: BR802, YL701, BR801
This particular range of polishes cost SGD2.90 and is of similar quality to the original range in TFS. However, this range carries cream polishes predominantly. So if you are into the shimmy shimmers and the glitters then you might not be too interested in these babies. I have not gotten round to swatching them so I can't comment on how they wear on the nails but they sure look pretty in the bottle.
Top - Bottom: RD301, FACE&it PK104

Besides the pastels, I also fell in love with the corals which are of all the rage right now. And TFS not only launch a single range of nail polish, but 2 new lines.... So the FACE&it is the second range of the latest products that they have launched and this is slightly pricier at SGD7.90. This line is supposed to be fast drying compared to the rest of their range but similarly I have not got round to wearing them yet. Would post a note right here the moment I get to don this on my nails.

FACE&it Semi-Matte - PP401

Yup, you got it right. A new lipstick from an entire new range at TFS. I got the semi-matte version of the lipstick cause I'm a little over the super glossy and pouty lips trend. It's a mauve lipstick with lots of pink undertones. I have tried the Mac's Lavender Whip equivalent in the form of BarryM 129 and know that no matter how gorgeous cool toned purple lipsticks look, they never belong on my lips. So I can only get mauve lipsticks with other colour tones such that it looks more wearable on me.
I know I should probably include a review of the Extreme Brush Eyeliner pen in here, but I think that deserves another review on it's own in comparison to other liquid eyeliners that I have tried out before. So again, keep a lookout for that......
I actually had a really good day at work today because my entire team went out on a brainstorming cum team-building session. Managed to take some pictures while we are in between our breaks from the roof terrace of the Esplande.
View of the Esplanade courtyard up from above.
The roof terrace.
I wish I could have included a picture of the Marina Sands viewed from the roof terrace, but today was such a gloomy and overcast day that nothing came out OK. Pity but I should have more chances of getting up there for more pictures. So do watch out for this space. The medicine is making me drowsy.... I should really go to bed and get some rest.
Good night everyone and thanks for reading. :o)