Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nail Bits: NOTD in Revlon Timeless

I could not ask for better weather in Singapore these days. I know it's been raining and we have to forgo all our usual outdoor activities! But this is the ONLY month in Singapore where I don't feel the constant need to be in front of a fan!! It's the only month I can chill out reading a book to the sound of rain-drops!! So thankful for December weather! :-)

Just a little NOTD for the night before I go indulge in my weekly beauty pamper session - Revlon Timeless with a glitter accent nail:

Amazing grey with lavender undertones and opaque in 2 coats! And no, it's not available in Singapore. What a bummer!! I am real lucky to pick this up during my business trip to USA in Sept 12'. I do think that Revlon are giving all the other drugstore brands a run for their money. Besides their amazing foundation, lip butters, lip stains... They are now bringing out nail colours that are absolutely on the money!! Modern, chic and yet just so unique. Not the mention the application for so many of their colours are a dream!!

Hope to secure another trip to the States in Feb 13' and I am definitely going to be stuck at the Revlon polish rack for a while. In the meantime, have a lovely night and thanks for reading.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Late for Summer Nails.....

Late is probably an understatement when Summer is almost over!! Maybe I warm up slow to the summer brights or maybe I have always been partial to dark colours. 
While the entire Youtube is abuzz with girls loving all the neons and brights - I admire the trend but was still by the side peering in. And then *bam*,  I suddenly wanted every single bright colour I could lay my hands on!!
Summer brights
Summer brights
TFS Greens

TFS Corals & PINKS
I have one of the green polish on my toes right now and I would say this is a pretty nice formula to work with. No major streaking and the colour even out in 2 coats. And just for $2.90 a bottle, it' a nice way to try out on-trend colours for the season without spending a huge sum of money.
It's a nice cooling Sunday night over here. Hope you all are having a relaxing night before heading back to work tomorrow. Thanks for reading. XOXO

LOTD: Feeling the Sunday Blues.....

It's Sunday!! It's the day for church and catching up with girlfriends after a long week at work. 
I have been eyeing the printed pants trend for the longest time. But it seemed like a trend which is not going to live past Spring and the logical side of me held back on the purchase. Spring came and went. Hell, even Summer is nearing it's end. Fall collection is out and it' still featuring printed pants. Seems like it's time for me to jump in finally!!
H&M Tribal Print Pants
First attempt at an outfit post with my new camera tripod - so I know it's a little dodgy right now. But we all start somewhere and I should get better with time. And I started learning photos editing too. So all these are photos which are edited to be reminiscent of a vintage photo. Not sure if I like the effect yet - what do you think of this?
H&M Tribal Print Pants
H&M Tribal Printed Pants
Esprit, H&M Accessories
Metallic chain with cross
Top T-shit, H&M Tribal Printed Pants, random metallic chain, Espirit watch, H&M black crystal studded leather strap, Aldo platforms (not shown)
This is my makeup a little up-close and personal.
FOTD 9th Sept

On my face:
Laneige UV Block and Primer, Paul & Joe Foundation, The Faceshop loose powder, Prestige eye pencil, random falsie, Bodyshop bronzer/blush, Lancome lipstick
This ia pretty lengthy post. Thanks for reading and have a great evening. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

NOTD - Revlon Naughty

This is the supposed shade from Revlon that is to be a dupe for Chanel's Particuliere. And like all other great drugstore products, it is not available in Singapore (surprise, surprise).

I saw this in the aisle of Fred Meyer when i was cruising for a bottle of cheap wine and no hesitation was necessary! So here it is below:

Revlon polishes are amongst my favourite from drugstore - great formula and good colour pay-off. I used 2 coats in the above picture and it applied like a dream - streak-free! I loved how Naughty looked on me. It has such a mystical feel to it but yet at the same time remains chic enough for a professional environment. Lurve..... <3<3


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lush Convert

Loads of people rave about the wonders of Lush both on the Blogsphere and Youtube while all I can remember about Lush was the overwhelming 'scent' of the store!
So I was walking down the Market Street in San Francisco 1 day and spotted Lush - thought I popped my head in just to see how different it is from Singapore in terms of the products and prices.
Hold and behold, I came out with an armful of products and I am happy to say that I am a happy convert 1 month into the Lush experience.
Hair Doctor Scalp Treatment:
It looks so non-descript in the tub, but it just does the most amazing job in soothing my sensitive scalp. I am using it every other day and it's already in it's last leg. I have not checked out the Lush in Singapore if they have the ''Hair Doctor'' yet. I am crossing my fingers and hoping that it does. But if it doesn't, I would probably need to wait till my bf comes over from Ireland in Jun 12'and have him bring me some.

Herbalism Cleanser:
Another one of those product that looks like a tub of greenish nothing and then impresses you when you least expect it. With years of trying out so many different cleansers, I thought the days of being impressed by one is long gone. Well, I thought too soon...... It came in the form of the Herbalism Cleanser and I am really really loving it.

It is really gentle on my face but yet leaves it feeling soft and hydrated after wash. But..... Yes.... There is a ''but''...... The smell of this cleanser does take some getting used to. I do find the smell a little strong but nothing so revolting that it puts me off the product. Smell is such a personal thing - I suggest you go down to the store and take a whiff before ordering it online in case you hate it.
I did quite abit of shopping when I was in the US and Ireland and I was initially hoping to share my purchases. But I have been away for such a long time, I thought it's better that I ease myself into it....
So here I am with my first little post of my current favourites from Lush after an almost 2 years hiatus. :-)