Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Beach Babe

I was brainstroming of a fun way to share what I have in my makeup collection as well as how I use those various items and I came across a section under the Victoria Secrets magazine that showcase products in conjunction with a themed makeup!! Got really inspired and got down to work with the below result -

Products Featured (from left to right):

  1. Bourjois Ombre Eyeshadow - 03/ Rose Perle
  2. Sephora Bronzing Powder with SPF 15
  3. Clinique Gloss and Mascara Dual End Tubes - from random brands sample stores
  4. Silknaturals Mineral Glow - Heavenly
  5. The Faceshop - The Skin BB Cream
  6. The Bodyshop Cheek Blush - 06/ Sunset Pink
  7. Ralph Lauren Eau De Toilette - Cool
  8. The Bodyshop Blush from Hot Brights Collection - Bronze

Also featuring one of my all time favourite bikini from Esprit and a pareo that I bought in Bintan on a holiday there years back.

Take-Away from the Shoot:

  • I should have thrown in more accessories, footwear, different variations of makeup for the same theme. The photo looks a little sparse and just don't look at exciting as I had initially hoped it would be.
  • I need to experiment with different lighting conditions, angle of shoot as well as the background. I am starting to get into a rut for such photos with the same background, angle, blah blah blah.... Even I'm getting a little bored of it.
  • I really have a lot of stuff!! And I'm not just referring to makeup in specific. I have lots of clothes, bikinis, shoes, bags, skin care, etc etc.... You name it. I can put together a theme like the above in less than a minute if not for the fact that I have so much stuff to choose from!!

Well..... That's my humble first attempt at a more editorial shoot of my stash. Like they say, practise makes perfect; I just have to keep on doing it. :o)

Hope you are having a great weekend!!

Love is in the AIR.....

Hi there everyone! It's been a lovely rainy day today and would have been nicer had the work not been too crazy,

For all who don't know me well, I have this weird favourite thing that I do for relaxation - I plough through my makeup, skin-care or clothes just to admire the collection that I have amassed over the years..... And I was just doing that 1 night when I suddenly realized this one obsession that I have with blooms!! Rose, cherry blossoms, etc, you name it.....

The Body Shop Blooms:
What I have:
  1. Cassis Rose Home Fragrance Oil
  2. Moroccan Rose Body Butter
  3. Rose Flower Blush from the Spring 2009 collection in Fusia
  4. Japanese Cherry Blossom Puree Body Lotion
  5. Japanese Cherry Blossom Eau De Toilette
I really love the scent from both the Moroccan Rose and Japanese Cherry Blossom range more than their classic range of products. I tend to find the fragrance from the classic range (the likes of Papaya, Mango, etc) a little too over-powering and too sweet for my liking.
The Paul Smith Blooms:
What I have:
  1. Paul Smith Rose Eau De Toilette
  2. Paul Smith Rose Eau De Toilette - Summer Edition
Yes people..... I love this fragrance on me SOOO much that I have to get the summer edition as well. What can I say? This smells classy, feminine and just so oh-so-sensual.... Perfect to spritz on whenever you are in the mood for love. :o)
The Random Blooms:

What I have:
  1. My Beauty Diary Japanese Cherry Blossom Mask (from random blogshop)
  2. Aqua Rine Bath Sea Salt in Rose (SaSa)
  3. Bath & Body Works Cherry Blossom Body Cream (from States)
Ahem..... The blooms even managed to work it's way onto my face in the form of masks. I didn't realize I was that much of an addict when it comes to rose and cherry blossoms...
The Makeup Blooms:
What I have:
  1. Bourjois Blush in 16, 32, 33 and 34
  2. Chanel Rouge Hydrabase - 64/ Rose Baby
  3. Chanel Rouge Allure - 13/ Tender
Connection to my obsession with all floral blooms - the scent. Yes, all these products smell faintly of Rose upon application. That's love.... Quote and un-quote from Carrie Bradshaw - Me likie.... :o)
So, are you in the mood for all things floral yet?? :o)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Makeup Removers

The quintessential step for all who adores makeup and I'm no exception - The makeup removal step and what I have tried so far coupled with my thoughts on it......

Let's get started -

The all-time trusted cleanser - Demerlogica Precleanse

My all-time go-to makeup remover!! It is light weight but yet it does get all the gunk off at the end of the day and best of all, it leaves your face feeling light and refreshed..... It is not often that you get a makeup remover that does the work and still leave your skin fresh from it

The cost - I paid more than SGD80 for 150 ml of it!! Granted that it does last a long time, but still, it's pricey for something that works only to remove the makeup. As much as I love it, I would still think twice about re-purchasing it.

However, I have friends that swore by it and would not think of switching to anything else cause they have such sensitive skin and only this little darling does the work. So, it's really a decision between you and your skin on whether it's a worthy splurge for you... :o)

Ponds Cold Cream

Pros: A classic that generations of women have sworn by and still swears by it today - I can totally see why this could be so. It's cheap, removes everything you have on your face without the harsh feeling of some cleansers.
Cons: However, this cream does tissue off slightly greasy and this might not be a pleasant sensation which some woman would wanna put up with. And I tend not to use this near to my eyes as it does get a little messy and I'm worried that it will sting my eyes. But I guess that's just a little pet peeve of mine.
Johnson and Johnson's Baby Wipes

I can't conduct any reviews on this yet as this is the latest product I learnt that could be used for removing all the gunk that we slap on our face. But I can tell you that this is cheap, cheap cheap.... I only paid SGD6.90 for a pack containing 80 sheets!! Reviews upcoming for this once I start using this. :o)

The Miracle Worker!!

I have heard about the Advanced Night Repair series from Esatee Lauder and hell, I've even worked in Estee Lauder before. But duing the brief stint that I did in Estee Lauder, the girls were all obsessed with La Mer products and hardly any mention was made to the ANR series. And so, when a close friend came up to me raving about the goodness of it, I as skeptical.... Very skeptical in fact.....

So here come a tiny sample bottle of ANR just so I could see what the hype is all about.....

And that single small sample bottle of ANR turned into this heap of sample bottles of ANR!!!!

Oh, I'm a believer of this product right here right now!! Just after a week of using it, my makeup goes on much easier and it stays fresh even after 8 hours of wear. My skin feels more supple and moisturized. I'm a convert!! Of course, I'm not sure about how effective this product is long term, but that's the purpose of this blog - to continuously update on my beauty woes and triumphs!! :o)
P.S: The ANR was purchased in form of sample bottles from a shop in Chinatown as this comes up to a better deal than purchasing the actual size.