Friday, July 26, 2013

NOTD: OPI Steady as She Rose And Faceshop Silver Accent

2 coats of OPI Steady As She Rose with an accent nail on my ring finger.

And my favorite nail polish of the moment from Faceshop is as shown below. They have no names or numbers on the bottles itself, which can be a little frustrating when trying to describe it on the blogsphere. But it's still a beauty nonetheless - dense silver shimmer with holographic rectangular glitter flakes! I have paired this polish with so many other colors - it always works! And since it's densely packed only with shimmer, it's not a pain to remove like some of the other glitter polishes. I simply love this!!

If you are in the market for some shimmer or glitter polishes, do check out the offerings in Faceshop. I really think they have upped their game and I have not been disappointed with my recent purchases. Let me know in the comments below if you have tried any of their polishes.

Have a good night and thanks for reading. XOXO!

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Korea Haul - SkinFood

Prior to the trip to Seoul, I had already been to the SkinFood outlets in Singapore to browse around and tried to identify the few real gems. Well, not that it helped..... when I stepped into an outlet for real in Seoul. I pretty much just went crazy!!

Starting off with the cleansers:

Wildberry Milk Cleansing Cream (Moist):
I only bought the cream cleanser because it was so cheap at about S$5.30 and also because I have been thinking about trying them for a while. I loved it!! Started using it when I got back to Singapore and I hasn't stopped since. It has taken over the Ponds Cold cream as my daily makeup remover.  

Green Tea Milk Cleansing Cream (Fresh):
I am keeping this in the back-room for a while but I am having high hopes for this based on my love affair with their Wildberry Milk! :-)

And then the toners:
Thermal Water Multi Toner:
I had high hopes since I loved the mask sheet under the same series, but I am still a little on the fence about this. It's not a bad toner, I am just not sure that I love it. But price wise, it's pretty reasonable at S$11.30 so I can't complain much. 
Glacier Water Multi Toner: Pending for trial

And the other skin-care stuff :

Black Raspberry Saeng-gi Ampoule (~ S$17.95)

Avocado Essential Oil (~S$16.93) 

Aloe Moisture Ampoule 100 (~S$22.58)

Salmon Brightening Eye Serum (~S$19.19)

Gold Caviar Collagen Cream (~S$30.48)

Gold Caviar Cream (~S$24.84)

The mask sheets:

Deep Sea Water Mask Sheet (~S$1.13)

Gold Caviar Nutrition Mask Sheet (~S$3.27)

Gold Caviar Collagen Mask Sheet (~S$4.40)

And the only makeup item I got from SkinFood was:

White Grape Fruit Fresh Base

SkinFood together with Banila Co are my among favorite shops in Seoul. Other than the toner which I am not too sure of, I really enjoyed the stuff I bought from SkinFood. Definitely highly recommend you checking them out if you happen to be in Seoul!! Thanks for reading. XOXO!

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Craze of the CC Creams

This is going to the first posts out of a series featuring my makeup/skin-care haul in Seoul Korea. It took a while but I finally had the chance to gather everything together for the first post. Starting with my favorite makeup category from the trip - the CC creams!!

So what exactly is a CC cream??!! It is basically a color control cream - think BB creams with additional color control properties. It's meant to apply without the gray tint that's normal for BB creams and will impart a radiance to the skin lasting the entire day. Here are my loots:

Holika Holika Real Skin Finish:
This has totally replaced foundation in my everyday makeup routine!! Upon application, it gives a slight white cast but give it time and you will be amazed at how good your skin looks. For me, it does exactly what the name says - a miracle real skin finish!! Absolute love!!

Banila Co: it Radiant CC Cream:
Another star product from the trip! Skin looks like it's lit from within while still being natural. Major hearts!! It contains only about 30ml of product in a tube so definitely to stock up on in my next trip to Korea. 

Missha Complexion Coordinating BB Cream: 
I stepped into the shop fully set on buying their BB cream since it's the top selling BB cream in Korea only to get talked into this by the SA. Her reason - it's basically Missha BB cream with improved technology to color control properties. I got talked into it and no surprise - absolute love as well!! This is something I highly recommend not only because of how good it looks on the skin but also because of the high SPF. This is especially important for us girls residing in sunny Singapore where the sun has no mercy!! :-)

Nature Republic Super Origin Complete Control Cream:
 This is the only CC cream in the lot that I haven't got round to trying. I am riding on the high from all my positive CC creams experience so far, so I am having high hopes for this. Stay tune for updates!

Faceshop Aura Color Control Cream:
This is something that I have tried from the Faceshop in Singapore previously. Loved it and backups needed. Not to mention that the prices in Korea is half of what we pay in Singapore. 

This is the first installment of my haul from Korea and more will be posted over the next few days.  Thanks for reading and have a good night. XOXO!!