Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sasa Haul

Just when I thought Sasa is getting boring, I spotted the beauty blender sitting on it's shelves!! O.M.G!

Since I missed the chance of picking this up when I last saw this in San Francisco, I have been kicking myself in the butt. This set of beauty blender sponge and cleanser retails for SGD$49.90. It's probably more expensive compared to ordering it online but nothing beats instant gratification. I have since broken into it and tried it out with my CC cream. Not too bad at all I must say for the first time!! 

And some other things fell into my basket while I was in the shop.

Avene thermal spring water has been a regular part of my skin-care routine - so just topping up my supplies here. But what on earth did I wanna do with so many packs of cotton puffs?!!
I used to DIY my own facial masks for a while but stopped when work got in the way. Now that I have started exercising and eating right, I thought it's time to revert back to a more holistic approach to skin-care. I was on the hunt for some good cotton puffs which I can use  with my DIY masks and hence the cotton puff craze over here. I have been trying them out with cucumber masks for the past few days. Rather pleased with the results. Shall experiment a little more before sharing my experience here. 

It's Monday again.... Hope it's been a good start to the week for all. Thanks for reading. XOXO.

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