Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sheet Mask Frenzy

In Asia, we have a major love affair with sheet masks!! And I mean MAJOR! Sure, I have tubes of wash-off masks and I do use them every now and then. But speak to any Asian woman and you would know just how fanatic we are with our sheet masks. The convenience, the variety and the affordability... It's mind boggling with the sheer amount of variety and beauty claims it make. 

And I took it upon myself to try out some of the latest sheet mask offerings from Faceshop.

 Stay tune for some reviews coming your way soon. :-)


  1. I have the hyaluronic mask from the Face Shop in a tube and really like it!

  2. @Popblush: In a tube??!! Now... that is something I need to go check it out for myself tomorrow!! :-)