Sunday, February 16, 2014

Review - Hope in a Jar (Oil-free Gel)

I have heard so much about this cream on the internet and reviews have always been mixed. But my luck on mixed reviews products has been good and I could almost always find a way to make it work. So along I trot in Sephora and popped this into my shopping basket since I am in the market for a new cream. 

First up the consistency....

The cream/gel has a very unique texture and it always reminds me of how custard feels like. When applied onto my face, it spreads really well and is absorbed almost immediately. That got me really excited. I mean... that should mean that the cream is so light and so well formulated that my skin pretty much just drinks it all up!!

Hand after the cream is absorbed.
After consistent use of close to 2 months, I gotta say that this cream does nothing for my skin. Compared to the other moisturizers I used before, this just doesn't do enough for my skin. I started developing some really fine expression lines which were never there before and it went away the moment I switched back to my SkinFood Avocado Essential Oil. 

The only saving grace is that I got the sample size version and it is already used up by now. I hate to waste stuff and it would be painful if I have to endure through the full-sized tub.

- Light texture
- Easy to spread
- Light to no scent

- Insufficient hydration
- Expensive

No way! It's a lot of money to pay for something that doesn't even work. I live in Singapore where the weather is not as harsh as some of the winters out there. This is very unlikely to work to combat dryness in the winter since it already failed miserably in the perpetual summer weather we have here. 

Hope this review helps and thanks for reading. XOXO!!

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