Saturday, February 13, 2010

Beauty Lemming Going Out of Whack??

I'm just going to be direct for this post - I bought a hella lot of facial masks. I don't know when I will be able to finish all these masks before they expire bearing in mind that i already have a drawer full full of them but I will definitely need to try. So let's share the love around.... :o)

Aqua Sense masks from Watsons going for SGD12.90 for 12 sheets on normal days and now they're having a 20% + 5% off the regular price if you're a Watsons member. I've tried the SOD Red Wine masks from the same series before and I really like the fit as well as the effect after using it. Hence, I picked up the lavender and natto masks taking into account the attractive prices. The lavender masks are meant for relieving, moisturizing and soothing whereas the natto series is meant for deep and long-lasting hydration.

Clay masks from Nature Republic. I'd be honest and say that I picked these up purely because of the innovative packaging. Stay tune to know how the masks work out to be....

My hot picks from TFS - Detox and Anti-oxidation gel masks and their white tree black alchemy brightening mask. These are re-pruchases for me so I really like the performance of both of these masks.A new area that I've recently forayed into.... DIY masks with moisturizing lotion of toner. I've only tried this a couple of times and I've done it so sparse and few in between that it would really be unfair to comment on how these DIY masks match up to those availabe off the shelf.
I'm going to spend most of the time during this Chinese New Year period to jump start on my beauty regime again. I've been so stressed out with work of late that the only I've done is to cleanse my face and sleep. Yes... I skipped all the toning and moisturizing let alone the masks that I should have done. But before that....
Happy valentines' day everyone!!!! May all be happy in the coming year... :o)

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