Saturday, January 18, 2014

Catching Up on My Hauls - The Sephora Phase!

I was on a crazy shopping spree for the past 2 months from all the festivities - Christmas and the upcoming Chinese New Year. Not that the enticing holiday collection/ sets or the current spring collection did anything to help the situation.

For such a HUGE makeup geek as me, I actually have never tried anything from Benefit! Yes, I have heard about their blushes, their Porefessional and actually loads more. I was just constantly distracted from them and ended up buying makeup from other brands instead. In comes the holiday sets on sale at Sephora and all things changed!

Benefit Do the Bright Thing Kit
Benefit Primping with the Stars Kit
Both of them retails at SGD$50 each and if you look inside and see the array of minis you get to dip your hands into, it's a really good deal!! Especially for the uninitiated like me, I get to try out most of their star products before I decide on investing in a full size product.

Benefit Do the Bright Thing: That Gal Brightening Face Primer, Dandelion Blush, High Beam, Badgal Waterproof Liner and They're Real! mascara.
Benefit Primping with The Stars: Stay Don't Stary Eye Primer, The Porefessional, Some Kinda-Gorgeous, Benetint, Girl Meets Pearl and They're Real! mascara 
 Nope, I didn't stop there. Strolling past the Laura Mercier shelves, The Flawless Face Kit was just calling out to me! Retailing at SG$100, tt contains sample size of their foundation primer, tinted moisturizer, full size Undercover Pot, Secret Camouflage brush, Camouflage Powder brush, a velour puff as well as a sponge. The Undercover Pot cost more than SGD$50 when purchased on it's on!! So again, I scored a really sweet deal!

 I am really psyched up about the range of brands we get in Singapore nowadays. Can you believe that we never used to get brands like Laura Mercier, Tarte, MUFE until 1 - 2 years back?!! Well, it's great for shopping but just really hard on the wallet!! Haha. 

Thanks for reading and hope you have a great Sunday! XOXO!


  1. THAT LAURA MERCIER!! It's such a great deal!! :D You're so lucky, Laura Mercier cost a fortune here in Korea (or everywhere basically, but it does cost more here! D:) I never tried LM but I heard a lot of good thing about it and being recommended a lot by my reader hehe

    1. Yes, Laura Mercier is a beautiful beautiful brand. I have not tried anything from them that I didn't fall in love with yet!