Saturday, January 18, 2014

Me and Colored Contact Lenses

I love colored contact lenses! No beating around the bush, no going around in circles. I just adore how wearing them makes my eyes bigger and more importantly makes me look more awake even if I had only had a couple hours of sleep. 

My current favourite brand would have to be the monthly lenses from ClearLab.

I generally like shades that looks more natural against my eyes, hence no crazy colors and I only buy the darker colors in the series. The ClearLab lenses are super comfy. I have had no issues with dryness or discomfort for up to 12 hours of wear during the few times I got held up at work.

Onto the best part of wearing them, it makes my eyes look bigger and more defined which leads to me looking more awake. And God only knows how much I need it! Below are a series of picture comparing me with and without the colored lenses.

Without colored contact lenses

With colored lenses

I know the whole controversy surrounding colored contact lenses and how they can be bad for your eyes. But like all things, moderation is the key! I would say give your eyes a break from them a few days each week and wear glasses!! I have been practicing that for months and I don't see myself going back to clear lenses anytime soon. So viva la colored contacts!!

Thanks for reading peeps and hope you have a good night! XOXO!

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