Sunday, September 9, 2012

Late for Summer Nails.....

Late is probably an understatement when Summer is almost over!! Maybe I warm up slow to the summer brights or maybe I have always been partial to dark colours. 
While the entire Youtube is abuzz with girls loving all the neons and brights - I admire the trend but was still by the side peering in. And then *bam*,  I suddenly wanted every single bright colour I could lay my hands on!!
Summer brights
Summer brights
TFS Greens

TFS Corals & PINKS
I have one of the green polish on my toes right now and I would say this is a pretty nice formula to work with. No major streaking and the colour even out in 2 coats. And just for $2.90 a bottle, it' a nice way to try out on-trend colours for the season without spending a huge sum of money.
It's a nice cooling Sunday night over here. Hope you all are having a relaxing night before heading back to work tomorrow. Thanks for reading. XOXO

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