Sunday, March 28, 2010

Makeup Removers

The quintessential step for all who adores makeup and I'm no exception - The makeup removal step and what I have tried so far coupled with my thoughts on it......

Let's get started -

The all-time trusted cleanser - Demerlogica Precleanse

My all-time go-to makeup remover!! It is light weight but yet it does get all the gunk off at the end of the day and best of all, it leaves your face feeling light and refreshed..... It is not often that you get a makeup remover that does the work and still leave your skin fresh from it

The cost - I paid more than SGD80 for 150 ml of it!! Granted that it does last a long time, but still, it's pricey for something that works only to remove the makeup. As much as I love it, I would still think twice about re-purchasing it.

However, I have friends that swore by it and would not think of switching to anything else cause they have such sensitive skin and only this little darling does the work. So, it's really a decision between you and your skin on whether it's a worthy splurge for you... :o)

Ponds Cold Cream

Pros: A classic that generations of women have sworn by and still swears by it today - I can totally see why this could be so. It's cheap, removes everything you have on your face without the harsh feeling of some cleansers.
Cons: However, this cream does tissue off slightly greasy and this might not be a pleasant sensation which some woman would wanna put up with. And I tend not to use this near to my eyes as it does get a little messy and I'm worried that it will sting my eyes. But I guess that's just a little pet peeve of mine.
Johnson and Johnson's Baby Wipes

I can't conduct any reviews on this yet as this is the latest product I learnt that could be used for removing all the gunk that we slap on our face. But I can tell you that this is cheap, cheap cheap.... I only paid SGD6.90 for a pack containing 80 sheets!! Reviews upcoming for this once I start using this. :o)

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