Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Beach Babe

I was brainstroming of a fun way to share what I have in my makeup collection as well as how I use those various items and I came across a section under the Victoria Secrets magazine that showcase products in conjunction with a themed makeup!! Got really inspired and got down to work with the below result -

Products Featured (from left to right):

  1. Bourjois Ombre Eyeshadow - 03/ Rose Perle
  2. Sephora Bronzing Powder with SPF 15
  3. Clinique Gloss and Mascara Dual End Tubes - from random brands sample stores
  4. Silknaturals Mineral Glow - Heavenly
  5. The Faceshop - The Skin BB Cream
  6. The Bodyshop Cheek Blush - 06/ Sunset Pink
  7. Ralph Lauren Eau De Toilette - Cool
  8. The Bodyshop Blush from Hot Brights Collection - Bronze

Also featuring one of my all time favourite bikini from Esprit and a pareo that I bought in Bintan on a holiday there years back.

Take-Away from the Shoot:

  • I should have thrown in more accessories, footwear, different variations of makeup for the same theme. The photo looks a little sparse and just don't look at exciting as I had initially hoped it would be.
  • I need to experiment with different lighting conditions, angle of shoot as well as the background. I am starting to get into a rut for such photos with the same background, angle, blah blah blah.... Even I'm getting a little bored of it.
  • I really have a lot of stuff!! And I'm not just referring to makeup in specific. I have lots of clothes, bikinis, shoes, bags, skin care, etc etc.... You name it. I can put together a theme like the above in less than a minute if not for the fact that I have so much stuff to choose from!!

Well..... That's my humble first attempt at a more editorial shoot of my stash. Like they say, practise makes perfect; I just have to keep on doing it. :o)

Hope you are having a great weekend!!

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