Thursday, September 16, 2010

Accessories Haul - Diva + Love Accessories

Hihi!! I've been very slow in updating pictures of my haul lately - so I have a couple more haul updates after this particular blog post. :o)
This post is centric on the collective accessories haul which I have done over the past month at Diva and Love Accessories respectively.
Brown Multi-stone Stud Pack - SGD17

Black Oval Studded Ring - SGD17

Love Accessories - Northpoint:
Gold Hoop Earrings - SGD26

Metallic Cross Necklace - SGD36

If you think that I am showcasing the metallic cross necklace like there's no tomorrow, that's only because this is almost a rip-off of the one that Andy Torres of Style Scrapbook wears!! *Cue pictures of the gorgeous Andy!!*

See that lovely metallic cross necklace underneath her Balmain jacket?? She is my favourite fashion guru within the blogsphere and I absolutely adore her sense of style. If you're keen to check out more of her, pls find the blog address here:
You would LOVE her!!
And with that being said, thanks for reading and have a good night! :o)


  1. Nice outfit. The cross necklace is great.

  2. Don't you just love her style of fashion??!! I'm addicted to her blog!