Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Haul: Opi, Bath & Body Works, Korean Polishes

Hi all! This is the promised blog post on some of the latest haul that I have done from US for OPI and Bath & Body Works.
First up, group shot of my OPI haul:
Left: OPI Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Replenishing Oil, OPI Rapid Dry Spray

OPI Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Oil

Heard and read alot of rave reviews on the Avoplex cuticle oil which is why I wanted to include this in my haul. And of course, I have experienced the goodness of cuticle oil on my nails as per mentioned in my previous post - so I definitely don't mind having more in my stash. But of course, that means it's going to be some time before i need to buy more. :o)

OPI Rapid Dry Spray
Well, I think this is actually pretty self explanatory - just something for lazy bones like me that can't deal with waiting for a manicure to dry. I have tried the offerings from Sally Hansen and thought I should try the OPI ones as well.

Bath & Body Works:

Yup, I got 7 more bottles of body lotion from Bath & Body Works even before I got round to working on the previous group of B&B lotions. Gosh!! I really hope I will be able to get round to most of it before it decides to turn rancid on me. That's the biggest worry that I have when I haul like no tomorrow. And the scent that I got from this haul are:
  1. Dancing Waters
  2. Blushing Cherry Blossom
  3. Japanese Cheery Blossom
  4. Enchanted Orchid
  5. Moonlight Path
  6. Sweet Pea
  7. Rain-kissed Leaves

I think my favourite scent from this group has to be either Rain-kissed Leaves or Blushing Cherry Blossom. I shan't try to describe the scent to you cause I'm just horrible at that. But from previous experience, I'm pretty spot on in terms of whether I like certain scent anot. So I'm really happy with my purchase!

And yes, more polishes!!! I got so much of these polishes that I feel that I should not go into the details anymore cause it will just bore most of you guys to death. So I shall just leave you to enjoy the picture above. :o)
Work has been kind recently and I hope I can keep up with frequent updating of this blog and share more of my loves with you guys. Thanks for reading and have a great evening!

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