Monday, September 20, 2010

FOTD: Falsies + Gosh Darling

Hi all! Hope you guys had a beautiful Monday though it rarely works out that way for most of us. ;o)
I went out on a casual Sunday night dinner with a close friend and decided to just go easy on the makeup with only some falsies minus all the usual suspects for eye-shadows. I wanted to wear the following newly acquired pair as I have only ever tried the falsies from TFS and decided that it's high time for me to venture away from that brand in order to be more adventurous!!
This is how I normally like my falsies to be - nothing too dramatic and just adding some length/ volume to my own lashes. I bought this for SDG2.50 from a cart selling assorted beauty stuff at the Tao Payoh Bus Interchange.

The flash from the camera can appear a little too harsh on the face. This is me again in a warmer lighting:

I cant really remember what I had on for the rest of my face but like my post title, I was definitely wearing some Gosh Darling on my lips. I know it probably don't look similar to the gazillion swatches of this you saw online - but I find Gosh Darling too strong for me even though I adore the colour. I had to dab it on my lips and smear it out in order to not look dead.
That's all the update I have for tonight and thanks for dropping by. :o) Good night.


  1. That watch is awesome, I love it!

  2. I have had it for a few years now and this is still my fav watch!! Thanks. :o)