Friday, September 17, 2010

Nail Bits: Korean Polish Haul

Hi all! While most people getting excited over the various branded polishes (Opi, Chanel, Mac, etc), I continue to be dazzled by the Korean polishes being brought in by a shop retailing from a cart in Northpoint. I have featured them before on my blog but I got more recently:
Left to right: No 17, No 23, No 42

No 17:

No 23:

No 42:

And I have more!!!!

Top to bottom: No 41, No 49, No 94

No 41:

No 49:

No 94:

And a snapshot of all that I have bought from this lovely little store so far:

And that pretty much concludes another of my recent haul updates! Hope you guys are having a good Friday and have a good weekend up ahead. :o)

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