Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hidden Immunity

Before I start, I probably should also qualify this post by saying that all the items that I'm featuring in this post are purchased before I've imposed a shopping ban on myself but I've just been too busy to post this up on my blog. And now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's move on to the fun stuff!!

Chinatown in Singapore is well-known for cheap toiletries as well as skin-care products from well-known western brands being peddled in the form of small sample bottles. The benefits of purchasing in the form of small quantities are aplenty
  • You could try something out for a week or so to know if it really works before commiting to put your cash in for the real deal
  • These small bottles of products actually work out to be more value for money than your normal over-the-counter prices
  • And it's so easy to just throw it into your over-night bag or your travel bag to tote around. You never have to rush out to get a travel size product just so you don't start lugging a ton of stuff around.


Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion - 4 bottles of 30 ml for SGD39.90

I've used this before but I actually didn't really like it. It felt greasy and I looked like an oil slick if I don't blot it off! But I just thought to myself now that my skin condition has improved, I might just give it one more try. And of course coupled with the fact that it's cheap!!

DIY Facial Mask Sheets - SGD0.20 per piece

Just some random purchase that I did to be ued in conjunction with the Aloe Vera lotion that a friend has brought back from China and yes, coupled with the fact that it's cheaper compared to elsewhere again.

Random Korea Eye Patch - SGD1.30 per pack

I bought 3 different types of eye patches - Q10 for firming, Crsytal Whitening for reducing dark eye circles and Uric Acid for detox.

Olive Organia Water Drop Essence Hand Cream - SGD4.90 each

It felt really good when applied. It's creamy texture actually turned into this light consistency when massaged into the hand and was easily absorbed.

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