Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Stila Palette Collection

Hihi! I'm a closet fan of Stila makeup - closet because no one seems to share the same love that i have towards their collection and no one even seem to care about what I think about them. But this is my blog and all I want to do now is to dedicate an entry to my Stila palette collection. A view of all that I have till date:


Double Duty Beauty Palettes:

Double Duty Beauty Palettes - Day to Night Plum Palette

Double Duty Beauty Palettes - Day to Night Gray Palette


Jade Blossom Look:


Stila Warm/Cool Palettes:

Warm Palette:

Cool Palette:


The Look Collection:

Cool... the Look

Feminine..... the Look

Pretty....... the Look

Chic.... the Look


Mod Look Palettes

Mod Look 1

Mod Look 2


Italian Ices Palette:

Italian Ices..... Uno

Italian Ices..... Tre

Italian Ices..... Due


Random Palette:

Four Pan Compact - Sage Set:


Re-orient Bamboo Blossom:

Yup, a super picture heavy post that I have here! I have been falling back in love with some of the Stila palettes while I was sorting through them for this blog post and I really hope to do some FOTDs soon with these. Hope you girls have been having a great week and thanks for reading..... :o)


  1. Whoa, you really have a big collection of stila palettes! I only have a blush and eyeliner from them. Anyway, some of these palettes are gorgeous! Thank you for showcasing them! I'm definitely going to be looking into some of these palettes.

  2. @shandelsam: I always have a soft spot for their eye shadows... much more than Mac in fact. But it's a sad thing that Stila is not that readily available in Singapore anymore....