Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Review - Bath & body Works Body Cream Vs Victoria's Secrets Hydrating Body Cream

Hihi! Hope everyone survived the dreaded Monday blues well and are still thriving for more! :o)
If you follow my blog, you would have probably realized that I'm an avid fan of body creams and lotion. And review for the day - Bath & Body Works Vs Victoria's Secrets!! Body creams are really personal and subjective to individual's preferences, so do note that my comments are entirely based on what I like.

Both reign from USA and are either hard to locate in Singapore or they are being sold at crazy prices when you do spot them in Singapore!!
Bath & Body Works

The variety of the scent that's available at B&B is mind-boggling to say the least! And on top of that, you can actually get each bottle/tube of lotion for as low as USD3 during of of their online promotions!! This was exactly what I did some time back and ordered a whopping 9 bottles of lotion from their website. Nope, I have not finished any of the B&B lotions that I hauled previously... But seriously, when has that ever stopped me from getting anything that I want??!? :o)
And onto the pros and cons of the lotion:
  • Easy to work into the skin
  • Light scent - good for the night cause I don't want to be overwhelmed by the smell that it actually bothers me
  • Wide variety of different fragrances - you will DEFINITELY find something that you like - finding it is the problem cause there's just so many to go through!
  • Different texture of cream to choose from - lotion (lighter on the skin) Vs cream (heavier and more moisturizing)

  • Scent does not last on the skin
  • Only available online for SGP

Victoria's Secrets:

Shopping in the Victoria's Secrets store in San Francisco itself was such an indulgence for me! I was so over-whelmed by the fact that I was in the actual VS store shopping and not doing the online 'click and checkout' thing that everything just seem like a fairytale!! :o) Awwww......
And like everything else in USA, the selection is just over-whelming!! I took ages to decide on what I want!
  • Very moisturizing on the skin - this lotion really does work and just transforms your skin into this silky smooth veil
  • Lasting scent - the smell of VS creams actually last longer than the B&B counterparts
  • Over-whelming selection of different scent to choose from - just like how B&B is
  • Varied texture of cream/lotion to suit different needs as well

  • Stronger fragrance - this is really personal, might be a pro for some who loves stronger smell
  • More expensive than B&B - this is going at 5 bottles for USD30 (USD6 per bottle)
  • Only online shopping for SGP or SGD19 per bottle (you bet, I have seen it going at SGD19 for a bottle of VS body lotion!)

My haul from B&B is already on it's way to Singapore as I'm typing right now. I hope that I'll be able to share my purchases with you really soon. But in the meantime, sleep tight and thanks for reading! :o)

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