Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Wall of Fame - The Laneige Kind!

Hi all! I'm typing this entry while having my eye mask on. Well, what's a gal got to do when she is juggling so many things all at one time? Haha! :o)

Anyhow, to cut to the chase on a totally random post..... I featured a Laneige haul in one of my earlier post and I have been wanting to try out those products since the day I laid my hands on them. The only problem - I have no room on my current vanity top to accommodate these products.

The solution??

I laid out the products on another table-top of mine and form up my own Laneige wall of fame!! Yes, it's a totally useless piece of information that you need to know but we need to share our love for all things shallow, don't we?? Haha.

Time for me to go to bed. Night to all!

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