Sunday, May 2, 2010

What's in my Makeup Bag??

Hihi! Today is Monday and I'm having an off day. Yipee! No Monday blues for me!! :o)

I love reading blogs or Youtube videos that feature what's in their bags/ makeup bags? I think what you tote around on a daily basis really says alot about you as a person. 

So what's in my makeup bag?? :o)

Ok, this is the makeup bag that I carry around with me. It's this small but roomy polka-dot clutch that I can basically stuff in everything that I need and yet not to have it bursting at the seams. Haha!

What's inside??

Hope you are not disappointed at seeing this. If you were expecting to see something that's unique and glamorous then mine is probably the wrong bag to look into.


I don't work in a desk-bound job and most of the time it's really hectic. So I only carry the functional but boring stuff with me.

The Makeup Tools:

I always keep a standard set of makeup tools with me for those easy touch-ups along the day or just before going out after work.

The Essentials:

Clean & Clear Oil Control Film

The Faceshop - The Flower Concealer

Sana - Hari & Nobi Essence

Well, these are term essentials because they are that! Blotting sheets, concealer and the Hari & Nobi essence. The last item probably needs some orientation for those who are not familiar with Asian skin-care. The Hari & Nobi essence is meant for one to apply at the eye area throughout the day for constant hydration and I deem this as an essential since I work in a low humidity environment. 

I featured a lipstick and blush in my makeup bag as well, but these change everyday depending on what I used for my face at the start of the day. Actually, even the powder that I used for touch-ups change on a daily basis as well depending on my foundation routine that morning. Maybe, I should share more on my favourite blushes and powder in the future??

How about you girls? What do you carry inside your makeup bag?

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