Saturday, May 1, 2010

Products I Like Right Now


Due to the fact that I'm really caught up with work lately and am always rushing for time, products that I'm liking right now tends to veer towards the fact they can be fast, fuss free and effective.

So what do I like right now?

Crema Colour Nutrient Water with Thermal Protection

Since I'm sporting short hair right now, I need to blow dry everynight to ensure that my hair drys smoothly in a single direction. And with all the heat that I'm subjecting my hair to, this is an essential protection for it.

This product has a nice refreshing scent to it and really helps to conditions the ends while straightening it. My hair feels smoother after using this thermal protectant and even starts having this glistening shine that normally evades me!

Kiehl's Lip Balm

I honestly don't think this product needs any induction from me. This has always been a staple  but just much more so lately. I have been stuck inside the factory for hours at a go without any water intake. This takes a huge toll on my lips and they started becoming dry and flaky.

So Kiehl's to the rescue!

Za True White 2-way Foundation

It's a 2-way cake and looks amazing when used with my MUFE primer. BUT, it will only look amazing if I  combine both products. A major rush of time in the morning, coupled with exhaustion from the long work hours - Za 2-way Cake here I come!!

Juju Aquamoist Hyaluronic Acid Essence

It's the latest bandwagon that I have hoped on! It's the use of 100% hyaluronic acid as a moisturiser for the deep layers of your skin. A recent purchase - so not too sure about it's long term effect. But currently, it seems to moisturize my skin pretty well and imparts a radiance to it. More reviews to come for this I guess.

The other 2 products that's featured within products that I like right now would be the MUFE Primer and the NYX lipgloss in Frosted Beige. It shouldn't be much of a surprise that they are popping up in this entry since I've devoted previous entires on them inclusive of detailed reviews. They should be staying in the favourites list for a while to come.

So what products are you liking very much right now?

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