Thursday, June 24, 2010

Project 10 Pan - Update (7/10)

Hi all! Just a quick post before I crash for the night.
I started the Project 10 Pan sometime back in a bid to try and finish up stuff in my collection prior to buying more. Yes, I got distracted and digressed halfway through it due to immense work stress, so my only offer to this is that I did finish up some more stuff since I last updated.

Items hit pan:
  1. Ginvera Nutri-white Marvel Gel
  2. Marks & Spencer Lavender Hand and Nail Cream
  3. Vichy Laboratories Norma Derm Night
  4. Franck Oliver Sun Java (Eau De Parfum)

Normally, it seems like the faster something hits pan, the higher should be my rating. But sadly in this case of mine, all the products featured are not a re-purchase for me. I tend to save products that I like for special occasion and in turn I take longer to use them up. Hopefully, when I get through these products which don't get much love from me out of the way, I will be finally free to use whatever I love. :o)
I still have 3 more items to go before I call it quits for P10P. But the current buying habits of mine has slowly changed from impulse buying to purchases made for it's quality. So, going forward, I have the intention of slowly morphing this into a fashion and lifestyle blog rather than solely makeup focused. Still thinking through what I would like to do for my blog but just some initial thoughts on some potential plans.
Stay tune and keep watching this space. Thanks for reading. Night!

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