Tuesday, June 22, 2010

As Coco said......

As Coco Chanel once famously said, a woman should be 2 things - classy & fabulous... and may I add regardless of size as well!!
I attended the fashion show put together by the girls participating in the plus-size girls pageant titled ''Miss Amazing'' at Far East Plaza. I was there solely to support my cousin who is one of the finalist in the pageant as well as to hone my photography skills. I should have loads of pictures to show here but I really need more practice for indoors photo shooting so here whatever left that's good:
My cousin striking her killer pose for me.
The girls strutting their stuff right out there on stage!!
Group shot of all the ladies in the pageant.
And while the girls were stressing out back-stage, I was goofing around with my nephews!! Haha!
A better look at my makeup I had on.
This is why I said my photographing skills are horrible. I can't even get a good representation of what colours I had on my face that day itself!
My Heatwave transparent platform heels
I am so loving this pair of heels right now because it is such a no-brainer! I can toss anything on, slip on this pair of heels and I am ready to head out.
A group shot!
And last but not least, a group shot that happens to be the ONLY picture that showed my entire outfit I had on for that day itself. Brilliant aren't I? Supposed to be the part-time photographer for the event but I chose to turn up on a mini skirt coupled with heels to run around.
Well, function Vs style is not always an easy choice is it?? :o)

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