Saturday, June 12, 2010

NOTD - Gold Glitters Galore

Hi all! This is the second time I'm typing out this entry cause the first one encountered some error and just went MIA in the mysterious blogsphere!!
I meant to feature my NOTD of a french manicure with some gold glitters in place of the traditional white polish. I really love the concept of using glitters as a french manicure because it's MUCH easier to handle than the white opaque polish, where every mistake is magnified. In addition, this just look so classy and chic!

I bought the Yashali polish for SGD5 from a push cart in North-point en-route home one evening after work. The purchase was made on a whim since I was bored and I just wanted to buy something for myself to brighten up the night. And boy, was I surprised at the consistency of the polish as well as the density of the glitters.

Just look at how densely packed the glitters are in the bottle! This one bottle consist of both small gold glitters as well as larger flakes of holographic glitters as well. Wow! It reminds me of the Canmake glitter polish but at a fraction of it's price......

And as all good nail polish ho do, the story definitely does not end here. Yes, I went back and got myself more!! Haha!!

Top - Bottom: No 32, No 5, No 10

The polishes do not come with names but rather numbers. And for 3 bottles, you get a promotional price of SGD12 instead of SGD15. So that comes up to SGD 4 per bottle and it's definitely a steal. Besides, the cart offers a good variety of nail art supplies as well. Too clumsy to do nail art on yourself? No worries - the SA of this cart are wonderful!! They will teach each and every customer how to create nail art with the merchandise that they have picked out so it definitely will not go to waste. Now, this is what I call good sales service!!

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