Friday, June 25, 2010

Be Jewelled!!

Good day to everyone! I'm totally exhausted from the week and I think this is going to be a slow and easy Saturday for me just to wind down. And I finally got round to taking some pictures from the recent accumulative haul on accessories. :o)
I got the following 2 accessories during the Warehouse sale - the chunky gold bracelet and the cubic zirconia crystal earrings.

I have always had a preference to chunky jewellery and this just falls right up my alley! Chunky, yet really easy to style cause it's of this tarnished gold colour that doesn't really clash with any other colours. And the zirconia earrings is just something I know would be a staple in my collection:
Simple, classic and timeless!!
And for the rest of the earrings featured, I bought all of them from the same accessories store in Northpoint over a couple of months:
I love how the crystals sparkle in the sunlight coupled with the timeless designs.
Gorgeous earrings for an evening out on a fine dining date and the close-up of the crystals is even more breathe-taking!
Don't you love how it sparkles under the sun? And the next pair would look fabulous with some classy dresses or pants:
Next up, something funky and chunky! I actually wore this pair of earrings during an earlier post featured within the blog on the plus-size girls paegent, but unfortunately, the indoor lighting really didn't bring any justice to the beauty of this pair!
And, something girly and casual that would fit most of the weekend wardrobe that I have.
All of the earrings from the little store in Northpoint are imported from Korea and I would be honest to say that they're not exactly cheap. The price can range from SGD18.90 - SGD42.90 for a pair depending on the design. But these earrings are really gorgeous in their designs and would work to jazz up any outfits. Hence, if you factor in the quality and the style factor then price would be a secondary consideration.
Anyhow, it's still definitely worth making a trip down to suss out the offerings and decide for yourself. Have a great Saturday ahead ladies!

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