Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Finally.... Back into Action!!

Hi all! It's been some time since I last appear in the blogsphere. Time to make a comeback and I'm going to do that with a bang! :o)

I bought jewellery during my absence. Of course, you won't expect me to be lying low and not spending on anything do you??


'LOV' Gold Earrings


Delicate Gold Bow Necklace

And this is how both of the above pieces wear on me:

I love how the 2 pieces compliment each other on the contrast between the delicate necklace Vs the chunky earrings. Due to the long lapse before I post this entry up, I can only remember the earrings to be priced at SGD22 from an accessories shop in Northpoint. I love the earrings from this shop and have been really loading up on it lately.... Hope to feature more of those in the upcoming posts..... Stay tune!!

On a random note, I was walking around the Bugis area after dinner and chaced upon Haji Lane. I have only shopped there once in the afternoon but I'm really captivated by how laid back the whole place is late at night. This is a picture taken at the start of the lane:

And on a totally different note - I reached home and started net surfing when I chanced upon this entry by a friend on her love profession for...... Mac Donalds Mc-Wings!!

*Did a double flip-over!!* Hahaha!!

What more can I say to her besides please give thanks to God for the abnormal metabolic rate that she possess... :o)

Hope you girls have been having a great week till now and have a good night!!

Sleep tight!

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