Sunday, July 4, 2010

NOTD - TFS PP409 & TFS Haul

Hi all! It's been a super lazy weekend with just food, sleep, manicures and some reading for me. Throw in the nice cooling weather and I'm a happy woman all over!! :o)
Yes, it's the weekend... So it's time to have some fun and go for some loud shades on my nails -

I'm wearing polish from the original range by TFS in PP409. I really hope they come up with some names for their different ranges of polishes now that they have 4 different kinds such that it's easier for me to describe them in my blog posts moving forward! But anyhow, the picture is pretty true to life and the colour is this loud pearlescent purple with lots of blue undertones which turns into an opaque wash of colour upon 2 coats.

Now, I know alot of people have problems with nail polishes from TFS because some of them can apply sheer and streaky, not to mention the problem they have with chipping. But at SGD2.90 per bottle, I can really afford to splash out on some funky colours which I know I would not be wearing them on normal days out. Yes, they are definitely not of OPI's or even Revlon's polishes quality... But with the low cost and the mind-boggling amount of colours to choose from, I would still recommend them as  the value for money polishes when you want some weird splash of colours on your fingers. :o)

And with that, I bought a few more bottles of polishes from TFS making full use of my birthday discounts:

Top - Bottom: FACE&it PK101, OR201, OR204

I bought more from their FACE&it collection and this time it's the pastel shades from their range. Upon second look, this range really does seem to offer some gorgeous shades. And last I checked, I really do not have such peachy coral shades within my collection for some reason..... So at SGD7.90 before the 20%+10% discount, I decided to just got for it!! :o)

TFS Polish in OR201
I hope I am able to justify why the above bottle of polish landed up in my shopping basket, but I can't. It's a simply 'I feel like buying this colour and there it goes into my basket' kind of feeling. I have tried to apply it on my toes, and it is going on kind of sheer and streaky right now. I should be able to find some way to make it work. But right now, I'm not in that kind of mood and so I'm moving onto some other colours for my toes.

And last but not least, the Glamax mascara in Dazzling Pearl:

I love how the glitter mascara lights up the whole eye and makes it seem like there's little tiny drops of water crystals on the lashes and so I splashed out on the glitter mascara from TFS! I have not gotten round to wearing this on my lashes so I'm not sure whether the same effect could be achieved with this mascara but I'm sure going to find out. Watch this space for some reports on how the latest hauls have been performing. :o)

Have a great Sunday ahead and thanks for reading!


  1. the nail colors look good esp the blue ones ! i shall check them out soon.. haven't really been going faceshop for yrs hahas xD

  2. luvverlyn: Do check them out soon and make use of the 20% store-wide discounts.... You would find the discounts handy when you feel like buying every colour that's available. Have fun and share your hauls if you really do get anything. :oP

  3. i went jb buy instead lol.. much cheaper !!

  4. Really?? I have never checked out TFS in JB. I should keep a lookout for that the next time!!