Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rounding up P10P

Good morning to all on a lovely Sunday morning!!
I can finally round up my first go at Project 10 Pan after months of dragging myself through it.
Last few products that made up this round of project are:
The Faceshop Flebeaute Collagenic Light Skin
I think the only product that I really have no idea how to do a review on would be a toner. It completely loses me right after the part where I comment on it's smell and whether it contains any alcohol - I really have no idea what to say after that!! How do you judge whether a toner is performing just OK, good or excellent?
Is it just me to have this insane need to categorize every product into it's respective performance rank?
But having said that, this is a toner with some added fragrance into it. So if you are into the all-natural and no preservatives kind of products to be used on your face then this is probably not the one for you. And on top of that, this definitely does not come cheap - I remember it's in the range of more than SGD40 and for a toner, I think that's a pretty big sum for money for fork out.
Bath & Body Works Pleasures Wild Honeysuckle Body Cream
Yup, another B&B product!! I'm working my way through these babies like no tomorrow. It's a good thing that I have 9 completely new bottles stowed in my wardrobe somewhere and a few more on it's way to Singapore from USA. I think it's such a blessing for me to have a friend in the States - I have access to all the sales anytime it happen. Shameful I know! The amount of stuff I have bought even before P10P ended! The latest batch of B&B creams on it's way to me only cost USD 3 during a sale. I really do feel very lucky for this.
Bio Essence Bust Firming Boosting Cream
Ok, this is not exactly a skin care product I guess. But this has been something that I started using probably at the beginning of this year since my exposure to saggy boobs from watching True Blood. Haha! Have absolutely no wish to be there anytime soon - So if there are products that can help me from not getting there any sooner, I'm there!
Having said that, this bust firming cream does work! This is a product that I will probably re-purchase in the future. But in the meantime, I''m trying out a similar product from Palmer's which has pretty good reviews online and at half the price of the Bio Essence one. If the Palmer's bust firming cream works, then I'm probably jumping ship but if not, Bio Essence is good enough for me now.
Hope you are having an eventful Sunday planned ahead of you! Have a good one! :o)

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