Thursday, July 1, 2010

And Accidentally I Got More......

Hihi! So I was walking around aimlessly in the mall and I chanced upon some new offerings from The Faceshop and I ended up with some new purchases.

And there you have it - Some polishes from 2 new range that TFS has recently launched coupled with a lipstick as well as the Extreme Brush Pen Eyeliner which I'm purchasing as a backup. Now, before you start to chastise me about the random purchase, do note that July is my birthday month. So on top of the current 20% discount storewide, I get an additional 10% as a member of TFS. That actually comes up to quite a significant amount of savings.... :o)

Top - Bottom: BR802, YL701, BR801
This particular range of polishes cost SGD2.90 and is of similar quality to the original range in TFS. However, this range carries cream polishes predominantly. So if you are into the shimmy shimmers and the glitters then you might not be too interested in these babies. I have not gotten round to swatching them so I can't comment on how they wear on the nails but they sure look pretty in the bottle.
Top - Bottom: RD301, FACE&it PK104

Besides the pastels, I also fell in love with the corals which are of all the rage right now. And TFS not only launch a single range of nail polish, but 2 new lines.... So the FACE&it is the second range of the latest products that they have launched and this is slightly pricier at SGD7.90. This line is supposed to be fast drying compared to the rest of their range but similarly I have not got round to wearing them yet. Would post a note right here the moment I get to don this on my nails.

FACE&it Semi-Matte - PP401

Yup, you got it right. A new lipstick from an entire new range at TFS. I got the semi-matte version of the lipstick cause I'm a little over the super glossy and pouty lips trend. It's a mauve lipstick with lots of pink undertones. I have tried the Mac's Lavender Whip equivalent in the form of BarryM 129 and know that no matter how gorgeous cool toned purple lipsticks look, they never belong on my lips. So I can only get mauve lipsticks with other colour tones such that it looks more wearable on me.
I know I should probably include a review of the Extreme Brush Eyeliner pen in here, but I think that deserves another review on it's own in comparison to other liquid eyeliners that I have tried out before. So again, keep a lookout for that......
I actually had a really good day at work today because my entire team went out on a brainstorming cum team-building session. Managed to take some pictures while we are in between our breaks from the roof terrace of the Esplande.
View of the Esplanade courtyard up from above.
The roof terrace.
I wish I could have included a picture of the Marina Sands viewed from the roof terrace, but today was such a gloomy and overcast day that nothing came out OK. Pity but I should have more chances of getting up there for more pictures. So do watch out for this space. The medicine is making me drowsy.... I should really go to bed and get some rest.
Good night everyone and thanks for reading. :o)

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