Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lazy Lazy Me!!

Well, from the title I would think that it's obvious I'm the one who has been lazy and not keeping up my side of the bargain.

I was just doing some spring cleaning of all the photos that I have taken for my blog over the months and I chanced upon this that I took on my makeup haul in HK last year! Haha.

Can you believe that this picture is already about 8 months old and I have still yet to post anything on it??

Actually now looking back at the makeup that I have purchased in HK, I think the only items that I have truly used are only the Lancome lipstick in the fore-ground and the Max Factor mascara which I absolutely adore to death right now. The rest of the products are not getting alot of love from me right now, not because they are not good for me but just because I really do have alot to get round before I can get to them.

Guess keeping a beauty and style blog does have it's own advantages!! I get to be constantly reminded of all the items that I have within my stash and also new ways to use them to keep my makeup current and fresh.

So have you done your own little spring cleaning of your makeup stash?? :o)

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