Sunday, July 4, 2010

I'm in the Shoe Phase Now.......

Hihi!! Most people go through different phases in their lives and I'm no exception, but my current shopping phase has transit from makeup to fashion items and particularly shoes.
This is a collective haul of shoes from various brands and the obsession right now is with killer heels. So dig in and enjoy those towering heights these have to offer:
These shoes are mainly from budget brands like Heatwave and DMK. I can't remember how much I paid for each of these pairs cause the purchase was made some time back, but I can vaguely remember that it's in the SGD30 range.

Both the nude kitten heels and the see-through platform heels are functioning as my daily work shoes as I can pretty much throw anything on, slip on these babies and be ready for work. I know we should plan our dressing the night before to avoid such kind of situations but real-life situations are not always this ideal. And there will be times when all you want to do is to crash on your bed the moment you are home.... and the next moment is when the alarm goes off!! So having shoes like these will really help to cushion the staggering rate of brain cells death I;m experiencing on a daily basis. :o)
Moving onto the medium range brands:

These shoes are mainly from Aldo and Pedro which are fast becoming my favourites for shoes!! The Pedro pair of heels cost me SGD83 because it uses leather as it's key material. The other 2 pairs from Aldo both cost SGD155. I don't normally spend so much on shoes but somehow these just took my breathe away the moment I tried it on. So hard as it was to part with my hard earned money, I still went for it.

I'm not sure what spurred on the current obsession with fashion and shoes but I strongly suspect that this is the aftermath of watching Sex and the City 2. It made me feel like any pair of shoes will transform a blah outfit to something in the range of FABULOUS and no women should do without the likes Manolo Blahniks or Christian Louboutin. Yes, we need a fat paycheck like those ladies in SATC to live like them.... But it's nice to just fantasize a little and imagine just what if I could live like them.... :o)
Have a great work week ahead and stay out of trouble with your bosses!! :o)

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