Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bling me Out!!

I think I'm in the accessories phase of my shopping haul lately - I bought 2 more necklaces from probably my favourite jewellery shop in Northpoint!

Aw...... Don't you just love how this dainty little crown looks nestled amongst my little fern? In contrast to earrings, I love tiny little necklaces that almost can't be spotted from far. I just find that there is something sensual and sexy about wearing something that only people near to you can spot. I think I really like necklaces like these that you can just pick up and wear it with whatever outfit you have on that day - it's just so versatile! And not to mention that this only costs SGD16 - really great pricing for this small little jewel. :o)

In contrast to the previous necklaces, this is something really blinged-out and lady-like - definitely not what I would wear with my normal casual outfits. But I would like to have something classy to wear for those special night outs. And so there it goes sitting snugly in my basket as I trudged towards the cashier. This sets me back SGD28, but I would still think that it's quite a bargain for how intricate the necklace is.
This week has really spent me out quite abit with all the early morning teleconferences. Need to hit the sack soon. Night and thanks for reading.... :o)

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  1. Omg I totally agree with u abt tiny necklaces! After a long period of wearing heavy, chunky statement pcs, I find myself gravitating towards dainty chains now. Really sex-say lol. Not to mention classic. I think we're on to a new trend! :)