Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Clothing Haul - Victoria's Secrets, New Look, GG5

Which type of hauls are you the most excited about?? Personally, I'm the most ecstatic about clothing haul because your personal style says alot about the person that you are - more so than makeup!
What I'm sharing is basically a collective haul over the past 2 months during the GSS season and of course the annual Victoria's Secrets sale!
So let's see what have I gotten myself locally in Singapore at GG5??

It's a gorgeous little black dress number with some added quirkiness to the design. I know it sure don't look that way from the picture that I have taken. But that's the things about me and clothes, I never really know how to take pictures that flatter the design without it being worn on anybody. As for price, I won't be able to furnish any for the whole of this haul entry.


Cause it took me such a long time to get off my lazy arse that I can't remember anything by the time I finally got it posted up!! Haha!

New Look:

Chirpy little number from New Look. I don't normally carry the sweet little girl vibe well in my dressing, but somehow this dress seems to work well on me. Maybe it's the fit of the dress that makes it a little more adult like rather than full-on sweetness which I can't handle very well. :o)

Just a simple maxi dress made with jersey material. How drape does it look with my poor photographing skills. I'm really not doing my hauls any justice right here, am I?

Victoria's Secrets:

And the most exciting haul of all is right here:

Green toga top which I have already featured in my previous OOTD post.

A lovely bright yellow tank with lace details at the back.

Delicate lime-green pointelle knitted top.

Yes, I know the pictures are horrible but that's the best that I can do for now. Will definitely be looking to hone my photographing skills better to capture the true beauty of clothes. But in the mean time, thanks for bearing with it!

Have a lovely day ahead! :o)

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