Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hair Woes No More

It's a hot tropical country that we are living in - that's equivalent to having to deal with frizzy hair and oily scalp for almost everyone.
I have had problems with oily scalp for the longest time!! I need to wash my hair everyday in order to not have my hair looking like it has just been through an oil slick or having so much irritation with my scalp that it actually itches all day long. BUT, that's until I discover something new - La Bourse Hair Detox Shampoo!!

What it claims:
  • Contains garlic extract to help enlarge capillary blood vessels and activate hair papillae to encourage hair growth
  • Clean and nourish for stronger hair roots
  • Re-condition dull, dry hair
  • Tones hair scalp in seasonal hair loss

How it Performed:
Since this is a detox shampoo, it's definitely not something I would slather on every night because my hair was already too fried from the chemicals I'm loading it to begin with. So I used this shampoo twice a week. And after weeks of using it, I can proudly say that it has definitely relieve a lot of scalp irritation for me - no crazy scratching of my scalp during the course of the day.
And after prolonged usage of this shampoo, I actually noticed my hair having more volume than before. Maybe it has helped to removed so much of the other hair products residue that's weighing my hair down, it actually helped to give me so much more volume. That's a clarifying shampoo right there for you!
I won't go as far as to comment on the conditioning effects and the improvement on my hair texture because I'm not using it everyday to be able to make a judgement on that. I think it really depends on what you want this shampoo for..... For me, I wanted this to be a clarifying shampoo and something that would relieve my scalp irritation - it scored an A on both counts!! So because of that, this is definitely a re-purchase for me after I'm done with this bottle of mine!!
Hope you had a good Saturday. Good night and thanks for reading. :o)

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