Sunday, August 8, 2010

Review - Body Scrubs (Ahava, Body Shop, Aqua Rine)

I love my body scrubs and I ain't shy to declare this to the world. :o)
Ahava - Uplifting Butter Salt (Mandarin Cedarwood)

This body scrub is exactly how the name describes it - butter salt!! The texture of the scrub is almost cream like when you touch it in the tub:

This is probably the most non-offensive scrubs out of all that I have tried till date! You can only feel small granules sugar and dead sea salt when you start to apply this to your skin and even that, it almost melts into your skin immediately - leaving only the most luxurious feel of natural oils on your skin. The most exciting part comes when you rinse off the butter salt!! OMG!! The skin feels amazingly smooth and it lasts you for a good couple of days.
I absolutely adore this body scrub but this is also the most expensive out of all that I have tried! It cost SGD43 for 350g of products but technically speaking, you don't need to use alot each time - so it might actually work out to be a bargain depending on how you use it.
The Body Shop - Moringa Body Scrub:
Ok, I think hardly anyone has ever let the years gone by without trying out any body scrubs from The Body Shop!

The Body Shop offers a couple of different textures in their body scrubs, but I really only like the creamy granular kind:

I have tried the gel-like kind (passion-fruit) and those that are of the creamy sugar texture (cranberry) but I find those to be of much more hassle to use in the shower and the after-effects just so-so. So I'm sticking to only those with texture that are similar to the moringa ones and so far I have tried both moringa and olive and loving it!! :o)
Aqua Rine - Rose Bath Sea Salt:
This is such a bargain!! I got a whopping 400g of products all of a sum of SGD9.80 from Sasa!!

If you have followed some of my earlier posts, you would have seen that I have such a weakness for products that smell of rose or cherry blossoms! Not sure why that works on me, but I just lose my mind when I smell rose and decides that I need whatever that it is in my stash!

Texture wise - it's creamy, granular and smells divine!! I love using this when my skin gets so dull that I think I need a good exfoliating scrub to get all the dead skin off! Not to mention that this is as cheap as chips and if you get it during the 20% sale that Sasa sometimes have, it's even more of a BARGAIN!! But you see, I can never wait when it come to anything with a rose-like smell..... :o)
That's all I have for my body scrubs! Hope you have a good National Day! :o)

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