Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Teeny Haul - Watsons

Hey there! Just thought I do a quick post before I jump into bed and call it a night - a tenny itsy bitsy little haul at Watsons just last week:
Revlon PhotoReady Foundation - SGD29.90

Yup. There I was jumping a little ahead of myself by doing a initial thought review before I could even do the haul post - What was I thinking??

Kiss Me Heroine Make Impact Eyelash 01 (Natural Long) - SGD9.90

AND I need more falsies!

Yes, this is shameful... I have so many pairs sitting inside my drawer and yet I still managed to convince myself somewhat that I need another pair. And no, I have not tried anything that I have bought other than what I was already previously using from TFS. Guess no hauls are ever done based on a need basis and I assume all are aboard with me on that count. *wink wink* :o)

Revlon Colourstay Nail Enamel in Grey Suede - SGD8.90

This is something that I know I gotta have the moment I saw it stocked in Watsons. I waited till now to get it because I know it's only a matter of time before Watsons come up with some promotional price for Revlon merchandise. So if you're into this just like me, now is the time to make a dash for it!!
And that's all I have top share.... Well, it's called a teeny, itsy, bitsy little haul for a reason. :o)
Night Night!!

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