Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nail Bits: NOTD - TFS PK104

It's the weekend and it's definitely time for some loud colours to be spotted on my finger-tips! Featuring the FACE&it series of polish from TFS:

I'm wearing the colour PK104 in the above picture. The polish is a little darker in real-life but still pretty much true to what was being shown in the picture. I initially thought of switching to a more work-appropriate colour come Sunday, but I really like how this looks on me. So reluctant to take it off that I've decided to keep it on for probably a day or 2 before I remove it.
By the way, I totally forgot to mention that this polish is the quick-dry version from TFS. When using it, it really does perform true to it's name - dried up pretty fast and save me all that smudging mess. And the above manicure was achieved with just one coat of the polish. So I must say this is some pretty opaque polish. Have not tried other colours from this series yet, so I won't know if it's colour dependent or if it's true for the entire series. Will report back soon. In the meantime, sleep-tight and good-night! :o)

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