Friday, April 16, 2010

Happiness is Loving What You Have! AKA Control Plan!!

Morning everyone! I finally get to have a proper sleep-in. Yipee!

So yes, I've been pondering on the decision of having a self-imposed ban on my shopping urges for beauty or fashion related items. Pondering and not yet imposing anything on myself because I want to have something in place that makes sense and yet doesn't require me to reach for the skies.

Lovely day it is today BTW..... :o)

So with much deliberation (boy, was it a hard decision!), I decided to only spend on all things light and superficial once I've finished 10 items in my stash. Not an easy feat I can tell you... But anyhow, a decision is a decision!

If you are still in doubt about why I'm having such hard time spending on things I like, I hope the following pictures will give you an idea of the sheer amount I have:

Skin-care items that I'm using daily (minus those I'm currently jamming inside my wardrobe/ boxes, cupboards!)

Part of my perfume collection:

Part of my lipsticks:

Wardrobe that's crumbling under the sheer weight of my clothes:

Second wardrobe in the room that filled stuffed to the brim!!

The Laneige haul that I did with Robinsons and is still sitting on the floor in the room due to lack of storage space:

Well, you can see how much I love retail therapy but I guess I should start to bring it down a notch and only spend on things which I need right now.... Have a great Saturday everyone!! :o)

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