Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Review - MUFE HD Primer

I know reviews should only come after extended usage and also after noting it's performance on those severe road tests but I really can't help it for this product!

Make Up Forever - HD High Definition Primer in Mauve #2

It Claims to:
  1. Improves the skin's appearance and primes it for make-up application.
  2. With the ingredient Argatensyl, the primer smoothes out the skin, minimize lines and pores
  3. The sperical Silica particles and Phycosaccharide gives a soft, elvety finish for even make-up and long lasting hold
  4. Energizes skin cells, moisturzing and bringing radiance to the skin
  5. Oil-free
The Road Test:
  1. Using it with the recently accquired Za 2-way cake which I've been less than impressed with on how cakey it looks on my skin for a night out
  2. The same make-up combination as above but having it on for more than 14 hours straight and out in the open with no air-conditioners and it's one hot day when I did that!
The Results:

Road Test 1:
I'm actually really impressed with how the 2-way cake looks on my face with the primer on! The 2-way used to look really cakey when used on it's own, but with the primer, I looked like I had really good skin. And yes, pores were minimized and I didn't look like an oil slick after a few hours of wear.

So yeah! But that's only for road test No. 1 in a controlled environment!

Road Test 2:
I'm not going to go anywhere wearing make-up without this primer from this point on!

I was out running family errands for something that happened in the family with make-up on since 10am in the day and I only got to the end of the day at midnight.

*Cue - Ran to the bathroom to check out the make-up after a long day*

I know that sounds really superficial, but hey, I'm not going to be one happy Joey if I knew I had been going around the chores with a face that has melted! But I digress - the make-up was still intact. Yes, probably not as fresh as it had looked in the morning but seriously with the heat, I'm more than satisfied impressed with it! And this was without any touch-up at all. Coupled with the fact that the application was a breeze (primer just glides so smoothly onto the skin), I'm a believer!!!!!

And on a totally random note, I've been loving how I've been wearing my short hair. This is just so much more reminiscent of my character than the long curly hair that I've had for the longest time. The change in hairstyle was a risk that has really paid off!!

Hope everyone cherish their family and really treasure the time you spend with them...... :o)

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