Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's Actually Happening!!

Hi people!

Woke up early in the morning today to get to work (yes, on a Saturday) and was going through my normal beauty routine in the morning when something happened! I finished my day cream people!!

I finished the Su Hyang Snow Maximizing Gel Cream from The Faceshop. Gosh! What a mouthful of words for a cream. This is the second tub that I've finished and I must still say I'm a very happy user of it.

This range of products is derived from traditional Korean herbal therapy with wild song-i mushroom extract and it promises to bring clarity and brilliance to your skin. Due to the use a nano-technology in the manufacturing the Su Hyang Snow series, this is among the premium skin-care range in The Faceshop - A tub of the maximizing gel cream can set you back SGD53.90.

This cream has a really light texture and is quickly abssorbed into the skin upon application. I would have continued to use this if not for the recent exposure to Laneige products. Laneige is another Korean skin-care brand and it has a similar price point with The Faceshop. I have been pretty impressed with sleeping mask that I've tried and is keen to experiment more on the brand - hence, probably going to start switching myself over to Laneige a little at a time.

On another note, other honorable mentions of products that could potentially be reaching the end of it's life within these few days:

Vichy Chrono-Active Pore Refining Care

The Faceshop - The Skin Extra BB Cream

Origins - Firming Moisture Treatment with White Tea

It feels really good when I used up my products as it meant money well spent!!! :o)

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