Friday, April 16, 2010

Shopping within my own stash - NYX Lipglosses

You know the thing about owning too much makeup, skin care or fashion stuff is that sometimes you tend to miss out certain gems that you have within your stash. And this is what I have discovered recently about the Nyx Lipglosses that I have.

Top to Bottom: Pink Frost, Frosted Beige, Vanilla and Baby Rose

And my favourite out of all that I owned - Frosted Beige!!

And the swatch:

When swatched, I know Frosted Beige just seems so boring cos it's exactly like what the name says - frosted and beigey. But on the lips, it really is the perfect nude lipgloss for me. It warms up the bluish undertones I have on my lips and impart this healthy looking glow from within. My puckers looks moisturized, healthy and not in the slightest bit concealer like.

I have been wanting to take some pictures for my FOTD shots including this lip-gloss but just haven't got round to it. Promise that I will make some effort and share the love for this lip-gloss with you.... :o)

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