Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm Sorry... I can't help it.

Morning! Technically speaking, it's already past noon time but I'm just up from a late night of clubbing at Pump Room. That's still my all-time favourite place to go to for a night out with the girls, but I'm suffering the after-effects of the late night now. Yawn....

Anyhow, to continue with my love for the Ahava products - I bought more last month!

I bought 3 more items from Ahava which were actually part of my lemmings since I first stepped into the store but I controlled it till now!!

*Feeling really proud of the self control that I have exhibited!! Hehe!!*

First up, the Dead Sea Liquid Salt -

This liquid salt contains an intense concentration of Dead Sea minerals which promises to reset your skin's inner balance the natural way. The restoration originates from the product's ability to detoxify our cells, thereby strengthening it's defense system and improving its metabolism. In short, it's part of the anti-aging bandwagon which I'm hoping on here!!

And products from the Mandarin Cedarwood range -

I fell for the sorbet caress and the butter salt from the range. Honestly, the Mandarin Cedarwood fragrance contained within the products aren't the most heavenly smell I've ever come across, but the scent is soft, lingering and just oh-so-relaxing without over-whelming all your senses (I have had my own bad bouts with strong scent). In addition, there is this huge label on the tub that says "Rich in natural anti-aging ingredients'' and so I'm there in a heartbeat!

I have used the butter salt once and it felt soooo good! But reviews should definitely come with more usage! And I've not started on the body butter yet. Trying to go through more of the older products right now before coming to this cause those are started to see signs of age.... Not good at all! But with that, I'm definitely looking at purchasing the exact same set of products but in their Green Apple scent. Oh.... That smells really delicious....

Look at what Ahava has done to me???


  1. And look at what AHAVA is doing in the West Bank.

  2. Followed the link you posted.... And shocked that such a thing could happen in the name of beauty and yet we don't know enough of it.

    Thanks for the info.