Friday, April 30, 2010

Style - That Youthful Summer!

A close girl-friend of mine who has been addicted to photography and editing lately took it on her own to jazz up some pictures of us and sent it back to me. The picture below was taken about a year ago when we went for a play at the Fort Canning Green.

I looked so radiant just a year back!!

Looking at this: I thought I looked radiant, happy and was just exuding so much youthful exuberance in the picture. Not that I hate the way I look right now but I think I'm missing some of the mojo that I used to have through the greulling work hours. I was Miss Sunshine back then!!

Seems like no product in this world works better for your beauty than charm that exudes from the core of your being! But of course, that doesn't mean that you stop taking care of your skin or the way you look... It's juat that we probably need to look after ourselves on the inside as well and in that way beauty is not just skin-deep.

Do you agree??

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