Saturday, April 17, 2010

Products I Don't Like Very Much Right Now!

I think I'm lucky that I normally do like the stuff that I buy most of the times - make-up, skin care, clothes, accessories, etc. But there are still those times whereby I really don't like some of the stuff that I have and these are just some of those at the moment:

Stuff I Don't Like Very Much -

Nivea Lip Care - Pinkish Boost:

This just doesn't work for me - period! The hydration that comes along with this balm is minimal and it just doesn't last. Yes, it gives a nice pinkish tinge to my lips but what good is that when it can't first moisturized my lips so it does't look all dry and flaky? So nope, not falling for this ever again.....

The FaceShop White Tree Ex Sun Block Balm:

The packaging just looks so classy and this sunblock balm is some heavy duty stuff with SPF50! So nice packaging, makeup base with strong SPF protection - no brainer to pop this into my shopping basket I thought.

But, the texture and application is just such a shock horror!!!

The application of this is a nightmare!! I seriously have to work hard to buff this balm onto my skin due to the thick, creamy consistency. It's just so difficult to work with and it doesn't do a great job as a makeup base as well. I really hate using this, but I always make it a point not to waste stuff. So I'm really just rushing through this ASAP!

The Faceshop Gel Eyeliner - Black

Need I say more?? This dried up so quickly that within months of purchase, that it is basically a rock solid hard piece of black tar! Complete detachment from the container and I just feel so cheated cause this is the exact same thing that happened with the purple gel eyeliner from Faceshop too!

Flebeaute Collagenic Mineral Loose Powder - NB23

Well, not exactly a pricey tub of loose powder.... but the finishing is not great either. The powder is not as finely milled as I would liked it too and the finishing tends to look a little cakey. Give it a few hours and some sebum secretion, it starts forming little globules of powder around the t-zone region. And this is when I need to fervently start rubbing away those awful little nodes of powder and do my touch-ups.

No - definitely not buying this again but I still have so much to go through that I'm really starting to think about throwing this away.....

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