Sunday, April 25, 2010

Review: Guerlain Parure Aqua Foundation

Got the latest Guerlain promotional phamplet for their new foundation from a good friend of mine -

Ad Campaign for the newly launched foundation

Luxurious Packaging of Guerlain Foundation

The best part of the promotional phamplet was that it came with free foundation samples as well!!

* Rubbing hand together in greedy glee*

Containing both Padure Aqua and Padure Extreme

So, how did it wear on me?? Let's look at the FOTDs featuring this product before I comment on anything:

The pics were taken with my iphone and so the resolution is probably not as good as my camera. But well, whatever works.... So how was the foundation:

What it claims:
1. Leaves complexion naturally radiant with Ocean Spring water formulation
2. Provides intense, unmatched hydration for the skin

  1. It really does feel really hydrating to the skin upon application
  2. Probably due to the hydration, the foundation feels pretty light-weight as well
  3. Skin looks more radiant
  1. Provides light to medium coverage
  2. Sebum control is minimal
Nope, this is not Holy Grail material for me. Don't get me wrong, not that it's bad in anyway but it's just not that great. I have combination skin, so I tend to look a little greasy by noon and the powder starts to cake. Not a very pretty sight really. So right now, it still seems like I'm a lover of my Loreal 2-way cake.

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